Happy Birthday Beren Saat!

Wishing Beren Saat her 30th birthday from her all Pakistani fans. The most versatile actress with a loads of beauty. She is the epitome of prettiness, cuteness,gorgeousness, allureness, charisma, beauty & adorableness. The most stunning actress not only of Turkey, but all over the world, the most humble, sweet & down to the earth personality. We wish her a very long, successful, contented & healthy life ahead. May she always shine like a star & get more and more love & likes.

Beren Saat ! we really adore you,
no can be as perfect as you are..
no can ever have the versatility you have..
You always shine, shine like a sun..
That not only have its own brightness but can bright all others..
Lucky are they who work with you..
Lucky are they who laugh with you..
Lucky are they who talk to you..
Lucky are they who ever met you..
Lucky are we to have you as a star..
To adore you, to watch you, to love your every avatar..
May your spark never fades..
May you have a billions of more Birthdays...!

Here are some pictures of her last birthday & some collages made by her fans>> Beren's 29th Birthday!

Leave your wishes in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Happy b'day beren, live long and happy baby :*


  2. Step by step the journey goes on,
    Little by little it may seem so long.
    Forget about your past,
    you can’t change it,
    Forget about your future,
    you cant predict it.
    Just think about present,
    you can handle it.
    Enjoy presents every moment & be happy….

    Love uh the queen ov universe

    Berenist Kainat Haider

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Pretty Saat <3 OUR QUEEN :) She is really Gorgeousssssssss xD I Love you BEREN :* Looking forward for her latest pics <3
    I know you don't know me ! But when your birthday comes I thought that is my birthday too :D Lol crazy me :) Anyways ! No one can beat her in expressions!!! RED ROSE <3 BEREN LOVE YAAA Happy Birthdayyyyy

    Gul Afshan

  4. God bless yo beautiful. may you have loads of birthdays with your beloved. love you alotttttttttttttttt

  5. Happy birthday my berry berry love ya


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