How to become Beren Saat?

Everything she wore during the 2 seasons of Intikam was sold out in 24 hours. She gave the chance to many Turkish designers to shine, and brought many international brands for the first time inside a Turkish series. Why does Beren Saat give a big importance to fashion? With the end of Intikam, we met with the famous actress.

Q:Does your personal style coincide with Yagmur’s style?
Beren Saat: Yes of course. But it all depends on the lifestyle of the character. Yagmur has 2 lives and therefore a 2-face wardrobe. There is her own wardrobe that reflects her personal taste, and there is the image she chose to give to the Arsoys: Heels, fur, make-up, jewels…

Q:How is your personal style? Is it more casual?
Beren Saat: Yes we can say so.

Q:With the other series you played in, you became a fashion icon. It was also positive to our Turkish designers. What did Intikam bring to the Turkish fashion?
Beren Saat: In general, Turkish series have made young Turkish designers very popular.
In Intikam, Hafize and Seda made a connection with international brands in accessories such as shoes and handbags, and their support was very important to us. Intikam moved the bar higher in this field.
Seda Çeliktürk : Intikam is an adaptation, the original series' fashion source is DNA and the famous chain stores "Neimann Marcus" are their sponsor. They had infinite variety of solutions to pick from.
That's why we made efforts to introduce many global brands in our work. Thanks to Beren's power, we always had a positive feedback whether we contacted local or global brands. That's how brands like Gucci, Armani, Zadig & Voltaire gave support to a Turkish TV series for the first time.

Q:Everything you wore in the series became sold-out. When do you think about it, do you say "wow!" ?
Beren Saat: It's a good feeling of course. When Burberry officials tell me: "All the clothes you wore in the previous episode got sold-out" I feel proud. Also when the brands we pick say "we are willing to take the risk because we will get more in return" while they are quite expensive designs and they entrust us with closed eyes.

Q:You have a lot of friends among designers, for example Ozgur Masur... While you're choosing costumes for your series, why do you keep him in first plan?
Beren Saat: It's not a matter of liking or not liking or being close to a designer. In this matter we focus on how much we appreciate a collection as a whole, what is needed for the story, who understands us and understands the story the most.
For example when Elif Cigizoglu designed the black and white tuxedo for us, those were our priorities : It was an invitation, Yagmur has to look stylish but at the same time she has to be in mourning because she lost her friend one week earlier. Based on these criteria, we decided to turn to Elif.
One of the most popular designs I wore in season 1 was the nile-green Ozgur Masur dress. At that time, the location was a very large hall with a lot of columns, we needed something very flashy, and effectively Ozgur made a grandiose dress for us.
Later on, when Ozgur saw the imitations of this dress, he almost fainted. One day as he went to buy some fabric, he witnessed someone saying "the tissue of that dress comes from here, Beren wore this dental" whereas the dental was custom made specially brought from Paris.
That was one of the funny anecdotes he experienced.
Hafize Çeliktürk: our work it's not always only about fashion, sometimes we need to find a solution depending on the need. For example sometimes we wanted to work with more transparent fabrics, but a microphone has to be inserted under the clothes and it would become apparent. So the story directs the clothes.
Beren Saat: We needed serious technical solutions for the bride scenes. We were forced to make 2 identical wedding dresses because one of them was supposed to hide a bag of blood that will explode. The second one was supposed to fall in the sea. Tuvana made all her team work for 24 straight hours to sew 2 wedding dresses, at this point I would like to say a big thank you to everyone. Elif had only 2 days to execute that costume that looks like poetry. Ozgur also had to make me costumes in only one night so many times.... if our set was in USA, they would probably tell us "we need minimum 3 days to do this wedding dress for you", I'm not sure they would have been this helpful.

Q:What do you mean by "blood bag" and "falling in the sea" ?
Beren Saat: It is a surprise.

Q:What's your favorite piece among the costumes that you wore ?
Beren Saat: Shopping doesn't control me. While preparing for this interview, we reviewed all the past designs, and we re-discovered so many of them "oh there was this one, oh there was that one", I am not able to pick one of them as the best.

Q:Does shopping hold a big place in your life?
Beren Saat: It is not very dominant. Fashion determines the featured items, from which we all make our selections. This indirectly affects our choices while shopping. My personal style is already clear, I know what I want so I don't think much.

Q:You're living your last days on the set as "the three musketeers" (Beren-Hafize-Seda). How do you feel?
Beren Saat: We're not sad because we will not separate. We are in each other's lives and we will continue like that. For example, when I'm in my dressing room wearing a costume, I take a photo and send it to the girls, because we have similar tastes.

Q:Your dressing room? What kind of a dressing do you have? is it similar to the one is our dreams, filled with items?
Beren Saat: I won't use very big words about dreams, but there are some aspects of it.

Q: Is it true that you will meet with Burberry's designer Christopher Bailey in London?
Beren Saat: We're going to the fashion show on the 17th of February. I don't want to say anything for the moment, it will become clear with time.

Intikam's stylists Hafize and Seda Çeliktürk : Beren has a very developed eye for the screen. We might like a model to the maximum, but if it wouldn't look good on the screen she would directly warn us. It is our first project for the TV. Seda is a marketing communications specialist, and I'm the editor of Elle fashion magazine. After finishing my work on an editorial, I can always revise and correct. But on TV, once the scene is shot there is no turning back. We learned this sentence from Beren : "The screen's display doesn't like this (design/model) "


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