Sukru Ozyildiz


Sukru Ozyildiz is the handsomest & the most talented Turkish actor, better known for his role OZAN in drama serial Ummeed (Benim Hala Umudum Var) being telecast on A-Plus. He was born on 18th February 1988 in Izmir , Turkey.


He's a son of Greek Mom & Karadenizli Paa. His mom passed away when he was only 9. He has two younger sisters.


Year Adı Role
2013 Neva Ilgın
Year Adı Role
2011 Derin Sular Toprak
2012 Uçurum Avukat Tolga
2013 Benim Hala Umudum Var (Ummeed) Ozan

As Ozan In Ummeed

More About Him:

Height: 190cm (6"2)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Date Of Birth: 18th February 1988 in Izmir , Turkey
Place Of Birth: Izmir , Turkey
Age: 26 year (in 2014)
Occupation: Actor
Siblings: 2
Spouse: no any

He is a tall, well build, charming & handsome man with 6"2 height & a well cared physique. Despite being handsome , he is really a wonderfully skilled actor who can express any of his feeling in such a way that can make any one flat. Extremely good looking & talented. His drama Ummeed is being aired these days & viewers are highly impressed of his acting & looks. Looking forward to watch him with some new project.


  1. Hotttieeeeeeeeeeeeee :*

  2. If I was walking on a sidewalk and saw him walking in the opposite direction....I would probably either walk right into a tree or trip over myself...either way, it would one of the few instances where it wouldn't hurt at all lol...;)


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