Cagatay Ulusoy & Hazal Kaya Interview.

Hey fellows! Here I am sharing you with another interview of Cagatay Ulusoy along with Hazal Kaya. It's a bit old but I hope you people will enjoy reading it.

Presenter : I'm here with the actors of Adını Feriha Koydum (Feriha) , Çağatay Ulusoy and Hazal Kaya. What did you do on this hot day in Antalya?

Hazal: These two days have been like therapy for us because we are working really hard in İstanbul. We had a nice day and we have the Awards Night tonight.

Presenter: Are you excited?

Hazal: Yes, we are excited,of course. It's very satisfying for us that our hard work is being rewarded like this.

Presenter: What will you say? Did you swim in the pool?

Cagatay: Yes I did swim yesterday and I caught flu. ( Laughs) Leaving Istanbul's cold weather and coming to a sunny place like this was a very nice change. Like Hazal said, we're working very hard. It's like a two day vacation. It's nice.

Presenter: Are you expecting any awards?

Cagatay: Yes, I'm hoping for it. It makes you happy when your work is awarded.

Presenter: What will happen in the tv series? Can we get a little spoiler?

Hazal: We're not allowed to say what's gonna happen in the series. About getting an award, we didn't come here thinking that we have to receive an award. we were happy that our work was considered worthy enough to be nominated. everything's ok now but we can't give any spoilers about the series.

Presenter: Did you swim in the pool?

Hazal: I couldn't swim. I never thought it'd be so sunny here. Istanbul was very cold. The weather forecast said it would be rainy so I came unprepared for it.

Cagatay: They said it was gonna rain, yeah. I bought swimming stuff from here and that's how I could swim. We were not prepared.

Presenter: Ok. I'm wishing you luck for tonight's Award Ceremony. I wish everything will be as you wish.

Cagatay: Thank you.

Hazal: Thank you.


  1. Hie am an citizen of India....I liked ur show of feriha a was very intresting...u both performed in such a awesome manner it really won the hearts of indians.....hope I could meet u ......lots of love and prayer for cagatay and hazal.....really luv u both a lot


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