Cagatay Ulusoy Explains His Ideal Girl ;)

Here I brought to you the interview conduct by Saba Tumer, about the girl whom Cagatay idealized for his partener.The host's name is Saba Tümer. I'll just say her name as Saba.

Saba : What are the qualities that you look for in a woman? Are you too picky? Hey I'm asking you!
Someone says : She's asking you, she's not asking Ilkay.

Cagatay: I was listening to them. Sorry! 

Saba: Cagatay, I said "a woman" .

Saba : Which qualities of a woman would attract you to her?

Cagatay: Appearance is important, of course.

Saba: Why? Do you want her to be size 0? About her appearance what exactly?

Cagatay: I don't like a girl that is too skinny and too tall.

Saba: Listen girls! He doesn't like too skinny and too tall girls.

Cagatay: Yes. A little plump.

Saba: Is he describing me? Hahaha! I thought that's me!

Cagatay: This description fits a lot of people! LOL! 

Saba: It describes every Turkish woman. I said that because I'm sitting close to you right now. If they write dating rumors about you and me, too, that would be too much for me! With a 20 year old boy! Hahahaa! But it's not a good thing, you know. There's 20 years age gap between you and me. No need for that now!

Cagatay: Yes .... uum ...

Saba: Ok. Short and plump.

Cagatay: Not too short. About 1. 70 cm. Not too thin.

Saba: 1.70 is short for you?

Cagatay: 1.70 is good next to my height. 

Saba: It is?

Deniz Uğur: So it looks when you're looking from there!

Cagatay: Uum .. I don't want her to have colorful eyes. ( Turkish ppl call blue or green eyes "colorful" eyes)

Saba: No colorful eyes?

Cagatay: Yes. No offense to ppl with colorful eyes but... Colorful eyes are unattractive for me. That's a thing about me.

Saba: Ok. But these are eyes. They're given by God.

Cagatay: Of, course. When you think of it that way.

Saba: Aren't your eyes colorful?

Cagatay: No, they're not.

Saba: How are they not? They look like hazel to me, not brown. In fact, if you wore green, they'd look more greenish.

Cagatay: What I mean by colorful eyes is either blue or actual green eyes.
Saba: Ok.

Cagatay: Uuum .... brunette.

Saba: Ok, you've talked about appearance. Now, what about personality? For example, does her life before dating you matter to you?

Cagatay: No, her life before me doesn't concern me. There are things that people need to experience and if she experienced that before me, I can only respect that and not bother her about it. (real man words :D Yo! )

Saba: Are you a jealous person?

Cagatay: Depends on the situation. Yeah, I guess I can be a little jealous.

Saba: Of what, for example, if she wears revealing clothes?

Cagatay: No, I don't stop her from wearing what she wants. She can wear anything she wants when she's with me.

Saba: When she's with you?

Cagatay: Yes, when we go out together. But when she goes out on her own, I'd ask her to be careful. I wouldn't want her to wear too revealing clothes.

Saba: Every guy has these kind of thoughts, right?

Cagatay: Umm i guess yes

And the interview ends. 


  1. ajeeeeeeeeeeeb :/ ulti ati hai isey dekh kar toh

    1. Lol yayyy ;) ajeeb insan ki baaten b ajeeb hain kasmay :p

    2. hahaha sach yar ptanh kisne bnadia best model

    3. whts wrong with all kivanc fans??he is more handsome then kivanc ok uski umer tak pohanchty pohanchty us sy ziada famous b ho jaey ga

    4. can you please tell me how did you know that above comments are posted by kivanc fans ? rofl girl/guy u need treatment

    5. Iski personality bht acchi h...he deserves to b a best model in every way...srf andhe log hi usko best model nhi dekh paenge(this comment is specifically for that guy/girl who said "pta nhi kisne bnadia best model", u need an eye check up dude)

  2. Bcause i always noticed that kivanc fans are very insecure of other popular turkish male celebrities if u have any doubt then go and read the comments in any turkish drama realtd stuff's page and if im not wrong then above cmmnts are ur cmmts and u r kivanc fan right?

  3. ..After I watched Adını Feriha Koydum..I'm so in love in this man :)

  4. I appreciate his ideas and I like him more than as kivanc fanslove and like him and his character in feriha serial as emir is more enough to love and like him for his magical deep expressions and pure and deep love for his beloved with true loyalty.

  5. I love Çağatay alot n he's perfect for me n did anybody ask u all bout his appearance or anything else no right ? Then y r u all barking stupid things bout him pissed off..!

  6. i love cagatay ulusoy .i thing he is a best acter with hazal kaya .

  7. yaaaaaaaaah u r right he is so cutoooooooooooo .i love cagatay .plz come with me .

  8. Yr feriha dekhny k baad mujhy agar koi kahy k cagatay k liye jan dy do to m kahu gi
    As u wish............

  9. tum pagal ho k asy larky k liye jan do gi .........deni hi ha to ham mar gaye kiya ........

    1. Shut up mere Par to Koi pagal ho Jaan dega

    2. Shut up mere Par to Koi pagal ho Jaan dega

  10. meri date of birth n year of birth 23 sep 1990 hai same cagatay ulusoy i really like him he is such a //\\//ice guy


  12. Actually jis ideal Larki Ka cagatay bataraha hai wo koi or nhn main hi Hun

  13. I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much

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  15. Your life is very interesting cagatay I wish to see you one day face to face when I am live love you so much i am a biggg fan of you i have watched your drama with Hazal Kaya it was very good i have finished it I wish that you lived in Australian so I could see you in real life love you i hope you read my messages love you for ever Cagatay.

  16. how can someone give so dumb answers in an interview! Is he giving interview or talking on some sensitive government issues. Extremely stupid answers! Bollywood actors give much more interesting interviews.

    Bauraha aadmi -_-

  17. What a great looker this Cagatay is! And he can also act. Amazing! I want and wish him a to be an world famous actor.

  18. stop this nonsense ............
    yaar he was just 20.
    he is awesome ,dedicated & frank
    he is very famous not only in turkey but in INDIA as well
    respect that...............

    1. ###&&&&###$$$%%%^^^&&&***((()))!!!@@@###$$$$

      one thing is 4 sure ............................
      he would have changed his thoughts for his
      *ideal* lady
      after meeting HAZAL KAYA in FERIHA
      GREEN eyes AND 1.50(approx) HEIGHT

  19. I m a big fan of serial named feriha so plz iska season3 bhi
    zindagi channel pr zaldi start kre plz,

  20. i like much femir..plz come in india..

  21. i'm your big fan..i love so much .. ur serial..i love uuu nd miss ur serial ..

  22. i'm your big fan..i love so much .. ur serial..i love uuu nd miss ur serial ..

  23. #adini feriha koydum # Amazing tv series... beautiful love with hazal kaya and cagatay ulusoy's magical pairing.

  24. So sorry us Kivanc fans are not insecure about him We just are loyal and know the best when we see them is all !

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  26. i wish i could meet u... as closer then my eyes...i want to talk to.. just ones in my life.. i love u


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