Firat Celik

Firat Celik (born March 25, 1981, Germany ) Turkish actress.

Birth name Firat Celik
Birth 25 March 1981 (32 Years)

Life and career

Steel is a family of Tunceli, his childhood and youth in Paris 'has te. Louise Michel Langevin Wallon College and completed his high school education in primary and Euphrates Steel, Paris Sudden Theatre in drama and studied acting for three years, participated in the workshops.

Firat Celik acting career in France, the French director Thierry Harcourt began meeting with. Harcourt in 2006 staged " Orange Mécanique "(A Clockwork Orange), the game portrays the character of Fred Euphrates Steel attracted great attention in this performance theater circles. Steel, Comédie de Paris theater company in 2007, staged by Jean-Georges Tharaud "effets secondaires" Julien played the character of the game.

Steel in 2007, played the character of Elisabeth Richard Nino short film called Cosa Nostra. Firat Celik second short film career in 2008, Johann Bertelli 's short film directed by Lignes was taken.

In 2008 he published 3'da Famille D'Accueil France with a series of national television channels, the Euphrates Steel acting the same year Toyota Avensis 's global scale has starred in commercials.

The experience of the first feature film made in 2009 film by French director Philippe Lioret'nin Welcome. Movie Istanbul Film Festival in Turkey for the representation of the Euphrates Steel in 2009, The Winter's Tale series was introduced to the Turkish audience to accept the proposal.

Since 2010, Kanal D ekranlarşnda published Fatmagül'ün What crime series featuring the character of the Euphrates Mustafa Celik, the director in 2011 sheriff Clients of Necati Cumalı 's adaptation of the book of the same name growing up, I can not sleep months also starred in the film was named. Ozan portrayed the role of the Commissioner in the array starting at 1 January 2013.

Played productions 


  • Orange mécanique, director: Thierry Harcourt, character: Fred - 2006
  • Effet secondaires, director: Elisabeth Richard, character: Julien - 2007

Short film 

  • Lignes, director: Johann Bertel, character: Nuri - 2008
  • Cosa Nostra, director: Elisabeth Richard, character: Nino - 2007








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