Seda Güven

Seda Güven (born 11 June 1984), is a beautiful and very famous Turkish actress, well known in Pakistan for her role Meltem in drama Fatimagul as wife of Salim Yasaran & daughter in law of Reshat Yasaran (the antagonists). She played a very significant role in this drama by standing against her Husband & in laws to support Fatimagul.

Seda Guven
Birth June 11, 1984 (29 years old)
Izmir , Turkey
Occupation (s) Actress
 Height               1.66m
Weight                53Kg
Active Year         2002 till present.
Eye Color           Black
Hair Color          Blonde
Star                     Gemini

As Meltem in Fatmagul
As Nil in Merhaba Hayat
 She has graduated in Textile designing from Marmara University. After completing her education she starts her acting career. She started acting in 2002 with a small role in Ekmek Teknesi for the first time. After this series she played roles in 2005 in Ateşli Topraklar then in 2007 she played her role in Elveda Derken & Hepimiz Birimiz İçin in 2008. Then in 2010 she sign for her new series Fatmagul that was a super hit of its time and rocked on screens not only in Turkey but also in all other countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Oman, Arab, Pakistan & many others. Now she has recently done role as Nil in Merhaba Hayat ( Merhaba Hayat is a Turkish series broadcast on Fox. It is a licensed adaptation of Private Practice and jointly produced by Med Yapım Productions. Ended February 13, 2013. )