Memes On Ramadan (just for fun)

Here are some memes on Ramadan for our Turkish celebrities just for fun (& no offend to any one or any thing)...
You can copy this and can make fun on your facebook pages or timelines.
Courtesy:  Sara Fatima

===> So true for me :P when i realize that
===> now i can't eat due to shortage of time :(

 Pakorhay's are the biggest gift of Ramadan :P <==

 hahaha 16 hours fast = 15 & 1/2 hour sleep

poor behlul :'( :'(
 oops :P 

 Rofl :D :D



  1. hehe nice mujhy b kal pakorhy nahi mily thy :P

  2. Oh Engin missing you :((

  3. hhahaaaaa khajoor wali happened with me last year and pakoray are so funny love bihter and kareem :-P

  4. before and after is so truee haahaaa

  5. aww behlul koi bat nhi bs iftari ka wait karo rat upni hai ;)


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