Ishq e Memnu is back to rock on your screens

Aşk-ı Memnu, (ISHQ E MEMNU) was a major hit in Pakistan with 11.9 ratings on its last episode. It was seen by more than 5 million people in Pakistan. More than a million fans are messaging Urdu 1 (channel of broadcasting) to start the series again! It was the first foreign drama to get so much viewership and ratings in Pakistan.
On this huge demand by fans, to on air Ishq e Memnu again on Urdu1. Here we have good news for all fans that Urdu1 has decided to on air again soon. Still dates are not decided byt it has been confirmed that it is going to be on air for sure. So guys hold your breath and wait for the time when you will finally watch it.

 Bihter fans ! Bihter is back :D now you can watch her again to adore her look & love her acting. Get ready to cry with her again for her Forbidden Love

Behlul fans ! Behlul is back ;) now you can watch his unique style, his attitude his love and his lose.

Nehal fans ! get ready to watch her again to enjoy her innocence.

Ishq e Memnu is back finally :)


  1. Dying to watch it :) come soon B n B

  2. love to watch it again


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