Bade İşçil

With her husband
Bade İşçil (born August 8, 1983, Istanbul ) is a talented Turkish actress, well known as Bano in Pakistan for her role in Kuzey Guney.
Bade İşçil, who was born in August 8, 1983, in Istanbul, graduated from the Department of Fashion and Design from Yeditepe University. For the first time in 2007 she starred in the comedy series Cafe Metropol by Cine5.   She is married with a businessman Sualp Malkoç.  Kuzey Guney is her first success and she won two awards for her role as Bano in this drama.

 Name Bade İşçil
Date Of Birth 8th August,1983
Place Of Birth Istanbul, Turkey
Spouse Sualp Malkoç
Profession Actress 
Active Year 2007 to present
Hieght 5"11
Weight 57Kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray


Bano in Kuzey Guney

Year Award Category Array - Movies
2012 Flip Newspaper TV Stars Best Supporting Actress Drama Player Kuzey Guney
2012 Galatasaray University Best Actress Kuzey Guney

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