Pelin Ermis

Pelin Ermis

Pelin Ermis is a Turkish actress, famous for her role Chemeli in Ishq e Memnu. She is cute and adorable but not much known actress.

Birth Date:  August 1982

Nationality:  Turkish

Religion:       Muslim

Height:        5' 3" (160 cm)

Star:             Leo  

Occupation: Actress


  1. Omg...shez truly adorable...i adore her...

  2. Are you for real!? Pelin Ermis's height isn't 160 cm. She is a 154 cm Turkish actress. Your site is measuring her 6 cm taller than what she actually is!!!!

    1. babes, google is so frequent in changing heights and we all know that. we haven't measured them ourselves neither do you. it's only googled information obviously. if you think anything is wrong here better is to mention it in a decent way rather being arrogantly sarcastic. pfff...

  3. look what I found:

    This must be shahid


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