Aww Oo Kareem Your Tummy :P

LoL :P a random meme i was going through made me a little tickly. So i am just posting it :D
No any offense to Kareem' tummy :P


  1. he lost alooooooot of weight, in his new pictures on his taken last saturday on holiday greece and threedays ago in kas he looks really really hot! he is coming in a new movie that will shoot on the island beach thats why he is getting in shape.

    btw this picture is photoshopped, saw it on a forum already the maker photoshopped it alot.

  2. Engin ney bohot weight loose karliya hai bohot handsome aur fit hogaya hai.
    Admin app please update ho jaein, hum engin fans ko bura lag raha hai,
    kisis ke weight par joke banana bohot hi low class baat hoti hai
    app kaisey ksisi kaaley bande ko kala aur langrey ko langra nahi bolte us tarha fat jokes bhi bohot buri baat hai.
    i was fan of your blog magar abb dil khrab ho gaya hai, apke blog par zyadatar engin ke fans aatey hai aur zyadatar engin ke universal fan pages zyada promote karte hai apke blog ko jaisey arab, turkish,greek aur pakistani fanpages aur yeh dekh kar woh bohot offend hongae,pls remove this! we are deeply hurt at this crass humour.

  3. so what if he ate a bit too many tulumbas?! the bigger he gets the more of him to love and share :-P
    btw Engin Fans love him still. hes still number 1 actor of Turkey in the world!
    In his new pictures he has lost alot of weight and become very slim again! and he was shirtless in them ;-) Engin is very attractive.

  4. he looks cute any way

  5. he is hot, love him skinny,fat,,long hair,short hair, with moustache and without everyway :)

  6. Still he is the hottest,charming,handsome man for me on planet earth ;)


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