Fawad Afzal Khan

Fawad Khan, an exceptional performer, a heartthrob for many and a man with a charismatic person has recently clouded the satellite televisions channels, giving hit serials to numerous fans. From modeling to singing to acting. Fawad has conquered all fields of performing arts and without doubt has tailored his own recognition in the entertainment industry

A glance on his personal life:
Born: 29 November 1981

 Birthplace: Pakistan

Hometown : Lahore, Pakistan

Star : Sagittarius

Gender :  Male

Occupation : Model, Film Actor, Television Actor, Singer, Guitarist

Spouse: Sadaf Fawad Khan (12 November 2005 – present) 1 child

Children:  Ayaan Khan – 2008 (4 years old)

Hair : Black

Eye Color : Brown

Marital Status : Married

Languages : English, Urdu

Education: Fawad did his A-Level from LGS Lahore,afterward completed his Bachelors Degree from National University Of Computer and Emerging Sciences(FAST, Lahore)

Big Screen Appearance:
His first appearance on the big screen was Khuda Ke Liye. Fawad starred in a number of drama serials until he was finally opted to play the role of Sarmad in the movie Khuda Kay Liye. The film was a great milestone not only for the Pakistani entertainment business, but for Khan as well. When questioned if Fawad would favor stepping into Bollywood, he said "I will only go for it if it Bollywood movie is based on a quality project. Otherwise, Pakistan is my first priority, and I love working for my country."

Married Life:
when asked in an interview FAK said : "It's the greatest feeling in the world if you're married to a person who means everything to you. I know it may sound cliched but it is fantastic to be able to find such a person. Whatever good I have in me, is because of the influence of my wife, family and my son. I'm having a ball."

FAK As a Model:

Fawad Afzal Khan has walked the ramp several times. He also walked the ramp for Muneeb Nawaz and in the current year, he walked the ramp for famous brands like Levi’s and Loreal in the bridal couture week. He has got awesome looks which lets him outshine in the whole crowd. As a person, he is kind hearted, polite and friendly too.

Year         Title                            Role
2009 Kal                           Zaheer             Pakistan Independence Day Special on Geo TV

2011 Aaj Kuch Na Kaho   Rehan                 Hum TV

2013 Behadd                  Jamal                  Hum TV

 Drama Serial:
2000 : Jutt and Bond Bond G Kaboom

Dil Dekay Jaien Gay                        Arsalan                    Geo TV
Satrangi                                          Behzaad                    Geo TV
Rubber Band cameo role Khan appeared in the parody video of String’s song Zinda Hoon.
2009 : Jeevan Ki Rahon Mein      Adil                            Geo TV

2010: Dastaan                                 Hassan                     Hum TV

2011 :
Akbari Asghari                                        Asghar            Hum TV
Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan Bhi Tha         Mujtaba          Ary Digital
Top Hit Drama:
Humsafar Hum TV

Fawad's hit drama serial was an adaptation of writer Farhat Ishtiaq's novel, Humsafar alongside actress Mahira Khan. The cast includes Atiqa Odho and VJ turned actress Naveen Waqar. Humsafar proved popular internationally and nationally, when it was named most watched Pakistani Drama of the past decade. Humsafar also made him popular all over the world, becoming an instant star

Zindagi Gulzar Hai                      Zaroon                            Hum TV

Ahsk                                             Rohail                           Geo TV

Awards and recognition:
Won Annual Pakistan Media Awards for Best TV Actor Hum TV for Drama Serial Dastan

Tarang Housefull Awards for Best onscreen Couple with Aamina Sheikh

Won Annual Lux Style Award for Best Actor in Film Khuda Kay Liye

Humsafar : Won Hum Award for Best Onscreen Couple with Mahira Khan

                     Won lux style award for best actor of 2013



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