List of Top 100 Muslim Celebrities throughout the World

Here I am sharing a list of top 100 famous and beloved Muslim celebrities throughout the world according to their fame & demand with their age, oigin, views & rank :)
* shows people who have passed away.

Here our beloved stars like Beren Saat, Hazal Kaya, Kivianc, Engin, Cagata, Atif Aslam and many others are also listed.
 Check out the rank of your star :) & do comment to show your love for them.

# Celebrity AgeDescription Views Rank
1. Salman Khan47Film actor, Television Presenter 771,489 58
2. Tuba Büyüküstün31Turkish, Actress 732,620 65
3. Beren Saat29Turkish actor 695,368 70
4. Hazal Kaya22Height - 1:58 463,364 159
5. Akon40Singer-songwriter, record producer 279,172 371
6. Haifa Wehbe37Lebanese singer, model 271,449 390
7. Shahid Kapoor32Indian actor 265,328 407
8. Barack Obama51American politician, 44th President of the United States 223,294 508
9. Kivanç Tatlitug29Turkish actor 203,095 595
10. Cansu Dere32Turkish, Model 196,137 621
11. Snoop Dogg41Rapper, actor 195,272 625
12. Shah Rukh Khan47Film actor 186,685 667
13. Zayn Malik20British, Singer 183,146 683
14. Hoda Kotb48American television reporter, host and anchor 179,157 708
15. Nurgül Yesilçay37Turkish actor 164,845 780
16. Eve34American rapper-songwriter, record producer and actress 148,503 880
17. Kenan Imirzalioglu39Turkish actor 145,809 902
18. Dafina Zeqiri24Kosovar singer 144,606 908
19. Claudia Lynx31Iranian, Model 138,453 956
20. Nas39Hip-hop artist 129,440 1,036
21. Çagatay Ulusoy22Turkish, Actor 124,840 1,085
22. Asli Tandogan34Turkish actor 117,994 1,160
23. Burak Özçivit28Turkish, Actor 107,686 1,283
24. Busta Rhymes41Rapper, hip hop musician 101,075 1,387
25. Shaquille O'Neal41Professional basketball player 97,830 1,436
26. Fahriye Evcen27Turkish actor 92,329 1,539
27. Mike Tyson47American heavyweight boxer 91,823 1,551
28. Nur Aysan32Turkish, Actress 90,742 1,568
29. Ice Cube44American rapper 87,119 1,634
30. Saleem Dabbour42A palestinian writer and scenarist. 84,208 1,696
31. Bergüzar Korel30Turkish actress 83,141 1,719
32. Benazir Bhutto54*12th & 16th Prime Minister of Pakistan 78,555 1,838
33. Yuliya Volkova28Russian music duo t.A.T.u. 77,811 1,854
34. Engin Akyürek31Turkish, Actor 77,484 1,858
35. Halit Ergenç43Turkish actor 76,388 1,892
36. Necati Sasmaz42Turkish, Actor 75,969 1,897
37. Aamir Khan48Actor, Film Producer & Director, Writer 75,738 1,906
38. Hülya Avsar49Turkish, Actress 75,037 1,930
39. Flavor Flav54American rapper 72,361 2,014
40. Selma Ergeç34Turkish, Actress 71,193 2,049
41. Azra Akin31Model and actress 70,666 2,059
42. Serenay Sarikaya22Turkish, Actress 65,691 2,217
43. Songül Öden34Turkish actor 65,011 2,237
44. Leonora Jakupi35Kosovar, Singer 64,668 2,247
45. Atif Aslam30Pakistani pop singer and film actor 64,089 2,267
46. Cat Stevens65English Singer-Songwriter 61,782 2,378
47. Bülent Inal40Actor 58,389 2,521
48. Emraan Hashmi34Actor 56,913 2,574
49. Merve Bolugur25Turkish, Actress 55,703 2,626
50. Genta Ismajli29Kosovar, Singer 54,967 2,651
51. Hadise Açikgöz27Turkish, Singer 54,722 2,663
52. Pelin Karahan28Turkish, Actress 53,765 2,713
53. Queen Rania42Palestinian, Royalty 53,742 2,714
54. Nebahat Çehre69film actress 51,117 2,872
55. Burçin Terzioglu33Actress 50,856 2,884
56. Iman58Supermodel 47,784 3,063
57. Jemima Khan39British, Socialite 47,730 3,066
58. Robin Padilla45Filipino, Actor 46,780 3,132
59. Zarine Khan29Indian actor 45,692 3,197
60. Bouchra Van Persie
Dutch, Other 44,805 3,255
61. Ebru Kocaaga31Turkish, Actress 43,981 3,301
62. Nora Istrefi27Kosovar, Singer 42,570 3,398
63. Omar Sharif81Actor 41,757 3,462
64. Muhammad Ali71American boxer, world heavyweight champion, Olympic gold medalist; anti-Vietnam War activist 39,361 3,684
65. Imran Khan30Indian-American actor 38,365 3,773
66. Sinem Kobal25Turkish, Actress 34,970 4,112
67. Saddam Hussein69*President of Iraq 34,960 4,113
68. Dave Chappelle39comedian 33,086 4,324
69. Golshifteh Farahani30Iranian, Actress 32,304 4,407
70. Zeynep Beserler915Turkish, Actress 31,138 4,562
71. Divya Bharti19*Indian actor 30,691 4,624
72. Sania Mirza26Professional tennis player 30,486 4,652
73. Q-Tip43Best rapper to ever live 29,043 4,833
74. Pinar Altug38Turkish, Actress 27,454 5,082
75. Burak Hakki41Turkish, Actor 26,970 5,166
76. Çagla Sikel34Turkish, Model 26,619 5,222
77. Laila Ali35Boxer 26,488 5,246
78. Dodi Fayed42*Film producer 26,383 5,263
79. Zinédine Zidane41French footballer 25,165 5,485
80. Emina Jahovic31Serbian singer 25,049 5,512
81. Tehmeena Afzal31American, Model (Adult/Glamour) 23,988 5,704
82. Khalilah 'Belinda' Ali63American, Relative 23,314 5,840
83. Afshan Azad25Actress 22,891 5,937
84. Hatice Sendil29Turkish, Actress 22,804 5,958
85. Nazan Eckes37Turkish, TV Personality 22,655 5,991
86. Adelina Ismajli33Albanian singer and model 21,910 6,152
87. Mos Def39American rapper and actor. 21,663 6,203
88. Gökçe Bahadir31Turkish, Actress 20,667 6,433
89. Deniz Çakir29Turkish, Actress 20,456 6,480
90. Gamze Özçelik30Turkish actor 20,395 6,502
91. Saadet Aksoy29Turkish, Actress 19,705 6,689
92. Burcu Kara33Turkish, Actress 19,641 6,700
93. Firat Çelik32Turkish, Actor 19,596 6,716
94. Jermaine Jackson58American musician and composer 19,257 6,806
95. Saif Ali Khan42Actor 19,227 6,815
96. Leyla Basak28Azerbaijani 18,752 6,933
97. Fauzia Ali
British, Homemaker 18,126 7,129
98. Princess Soraya69*Iranian, Actress 17,701 7,232
99. Özgü Namal34Turkish, Actress 17,581 7,267
100. Faheem Najm27American singer


  1. Engin akyurek number 1 in our hearts....<3 <3

    1. this is world list :/ plz yaha na shoru hojana ok fine you love him but tum log har jaga dusry celecrities ko criticize karty ho

    2. it says numbr 1 in our heart, from turkey hes still number 1 duhh!

    3. another actors in Turkey are more loved then him who have more projects but their fans didnt shit here by being racist :/ ok he is good but this is damn irritating

    4. hes numbr 1 to his fans. why do other ppl get irritated if Engins Fans are vocal and open about admiring him? dont share such pages on engin fan pages if u dont want to see his fans supporting him then muft ki publicity chahiye ho toh foran engin pages par links share karte hai coz his fans r most active isliye?! Engin fans are not nadeeda hes in top 100 list even that is good enough for us as he avoids media and public n its proud moment for us as our love for him gave him this place!
      love engin Akyurek number1 Actor. celeb toh koi bhi ban jata hai. acting mein hes unparralled!!

    5. Engin fans never critisize anyone you are misinformed. we appreciate all talents.
      We like him and he is number 1 for his fans.
      plus this is celebrity list. in Actors he is Number 1 from Turkey still. Engin made it to this list we are proud.even though Engin u dont like being listed as celebrity you r here! wish you luck Engin bey. Seni seviyoruz!!

    6. if he really didnt care of being celebrity thn y did he act ask hm to get lost intrviw dyta ha actng krta ha fans k 7 ghmta ha or celebrty nh nna chahta bhai phr celebrsty kstrha bnty hn hahaha lame

    7. Engin Akurek ( - Turkish actor. To achieve his goal, he left his main profession and decided to become an actor. Thanks to the talented performance at the popular competition "Turkish Stars" caused the admiration of the jury. After taking part in the competition in 2006, starred in the movie "Zeki Demirkubuz". The film "Destiny", he played with great success, and was awarded according to critics was the most promising actor. Then starred in the series "In-law - a foreigner." Even more famous he became, after the show, "I cloud." After this series, to increase the number of fans, grew his hair, changed his image and appearance. Popularity of his TV series, "What is Fatmagul's Fault". 6 million people voted, he was the best actor of the year at the age of 30, won the award "Ayakli Gazete" in the "Best Actor".

  2. nooooo beren is best of all :( i hope beren will become number 1 next year in this list :( just love her and tuba hazal kivo cagatay engin are also good

  3. aww kivo bohat pechy hai :( but koi bat nahi baki actors se to aagy hai kivo u r the best and this prove turkey me b kivo sab se aagy h tabhi to world me aagy yeaaaaaa we love u kivo meri pori family ko tum pasand ho or jis tarha kuzey guney me tum sab k lye qurbani dety ho u appears as real man love u

  4. Salman khan deserves number 1 and love beren and kivanc

  5. beren is best of all in girls and kivanc in boys :) like atif aslam, akon and zayn malik too

  6. Engin is no 1 forever

  7. Im so happy Engin Akyurek you are in this list! mashallah proud of you! congrats Sultan Engin. inshallah you will be more succesful i pray! Number1 forever <3

    btw shahrukh is loved more than salman. but hes low in list.does not mean he has no fans or is unsuccessful. srk is number1 from india! Engin is Number 1 from Turkey. True Fact!

    1. That 's what I'm saying ,what about Amir khan,Amitabh if salman is No 1 then I doubt of this List authenticity..

    2. This list is about being rated and viewed this year and Salman Khan is more watched then Sharukh or Amir and for your very kind information Amitabh is non Muslim :) and yes one more thing from last three years in India as well as in other countries who watch Indian movies, Salman Khan has highest rating with Akshay Kumar but Akshay is non Muslimso this lead Salman on top and now when it comes to Engin then this year Engin didn't do any project but other actors like Kivanc and Cagatay were much loved not only in Turkey but in many other countries too. Yes Engin have many fans but it doesn't mean that other stars do not have and this is very clear from the list that in Turkey Kivanc is loved much and offered many projects at the same time that shows his demand. But you people can only doubt. well I am looking forward for a Turk famous list too then you people will came to know about the reality. & believe me if i have a chance to make some one number 1 then Beren would be on top but i didn't make this list :) yeah but i am happy she is atleast in top 3 and many actors and singers whom i admire alot are also in list like Atif, Zayn, Kivanc, Akon, Hazal, Engin & Cagatay. So this is the moment of pride for s neither of complaining. I guess to be in top 100 list is important then to be on top.
      Thank you!

    3. take a look and then laugh on your own words lmao
      update: As per BBC India,,Salman Khan is the '' MOST POPULAR actor & Katrina Kaif is the MOST POPULAR actress in India.

  8. This not a reliable and authentic site

    1. hahaha zahir c bat ha hamn bh pata ha k reliabl nh bhai free site hai bs admin tmhy news dty hn jo hmen wsy to pta na lgy ub tm logn ko isme b sukon nh hahaha Pakistani awam p to rhm ata h or mra to sdha sa mshwra h agr ksi k kam ko appreciate nh krskty to burai b mt kro chlo nklo shabash

  9. this list is not reluable. how can a talentless hag like salman be number 1. if its the number of money his movies have made or brand endorsements then i have to question peoples taste. they getting worse. Srk is number 1 in India. shit list.

    1. I am just amazed with your comment for Salman :/ i mean seriously did u mean ur words ? he didnt act ? then who act :O dude get a life

    2. take a look and then laugh on your own words lmao
      update: As per BBC India,,Salman Khan is the '' MOST POPULAR actor & Katrina Kaif is the MOST POPULAR actress in India.

  10. Shahid kapoor Muslim hy Masha Allah :) i m so happy i m his bggest fan love him so much or bh khush hu usy top 100 m dkh kr n Sallu u r the best

    1. Yes he is ! not only Muslim but a practicing one MA

  11. shahid is hindu his father is hindu. pleade fix the lost ots unreliable.

    1. Shahid father is Hindu but he practice his mother religion. When his parents divorced he was with his mother and was learning Islam. He in one of his interview said Islam is a full religion that provides each and every information about any thing >>>

    2. Salman is also half hindu then also he is considered in this list so . shahi should also consider

  12. Love you Beren u r the best of all

  13. Beren is awesome it is amazing to see her in top 3 wow

  14. aww tuba is on no 2 .. she deserve that ;) keep it up tuba :*

  15. so amazing to see that Tuba is number 2, she is coming in a new project with Engin Akyurek, she really wanted to work with him and Engin wanted to work with her even both will make a beautiful onscreen couple mashallah :)

  16. im happy Engin is in this list, he only acts as its his hobby and avoids all celebrity type things. i think his fans make him so relevant. this place is for his fans really! he is number 1 for his fans forever :)

  17. islam is everywhere

  18. We love Engin <3

  19. Obama is not Muslim. Fyi people.

  20. salman khan is most popular in the world......

  21. so much political discussion going on! :P

  22. Barack Hussein Obama and Divya Bharti both are non Muslims according to Wikipedia

  23. According to Wikipedia divya bharti accepted Islam after marriage

    1. Accepted Islam fr marrying sajid nadiadwala fr namesake only. Followed Hinduism. A lot of ppl convert to Islam for the purpose of marrying a Muslim whom they have affair with but then resume their own inherent religion in india

  24. Divya bharti is a Hindu n barrack Obama is a christian. Not Muslims.. For more details see wikipedia.

  25. Divya bharti is a Hindu n barrack Obama is a christian. Not Muslims.. For more details see wikipedia.

  26. Divya bharti is a Hindu n barrack Obama is a christian. Not Muslims.. For more details see wikipedia.

  27. Wow salman is on 1st position . he is hslf muslim but INDIAN. So proud to be INDIAN cause i am so proud of him. I love hazal as well and she is also on 4 th position . wow, i wish she should work in Bollywood too through salman production

  28. I hope katrina kaif will be also in list infact in top 5 next year .

  29. Engin Akyurek is the best. Im such a fan after watching Fatmagul and Kara Para Asj. He is the best Turkush actor. In 2015 he was the most watched and popular Turkush actor and got emmy nomination plus seoul international actor award. He brought so much fame to his country mashallah! He will always be favorite actor of Turkey in Pakistan and the world!!!

  30. I love zayn, atif n cagatay...!!!!! Luv u most guys ...!!! U r best in the world...!! <3


  32. pagalIndia main actresses ki koi kami hai jo turkish actresses ko Salman ke saath la rahi ho

  33. pagalIndia main actresses ki koi kami hai jo turkish actresses ko Salman ke saath la rahi ho

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