Egyptian actress dreams of Turkish actor

According to Egyptian website al-Bashayer, the young single Egyptian singer and actress Menna Fadali has revealed her aching dream to marry Turkish star Engin Akyürek, otherwise known as Karim to Arab television audiences in the popular Turkish TV series “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” (What is Fatmagül’s Fault).

 According to the website, Fadali said while she was not thinking of getting married any time soon, if she were to marry, the Turkish heartthrob would be her cup of tea. She dealt a blow to her male compatriot fans when she added provocatively that she would far rather marry someone Turkish than a fellow Egyptian.

In yet another installment of the love affair between Arabs and Turks, Fadali tried to explain her crush, “I really love the actor who plays the role of Karim on the Turkish series, I dream of him. I feel like he’s from out of this world.” 


  1. oh yeah he is so handsome that any one could easily fall in love with him

  2. yes he truly is outof this world :P
    even pakistani girls dream of Engin AKyurek now :P
    love you Engin!

  3. Oh agreed he is out of this world,

  4. Now every pakistani girl dream of engin akyurek ;)

  5. Its not ur fault menna fadali he is irresistible :p

  6. Menna fadali plz dnt do this tharkipana he is only mine ;)

  7. Engin is delicious looking tall dark handsome chocolate lover boy omg love you Engin.
    Miss Fadali please move aside you dont know how aggressive Pakistani girls are and how much in love with Engin Akyurek/Kareem :-P

  8. You made me angry miss fadali :@ :p

  9. Ya he is irresistible he has something special and unique that nobody has,I can't explain,I'm obsess with him

  10. Miss fadali dnt try to be miss fasadi lol im also obsessed with him he is my crush now adays plz girlz mera dil na toro :p

  11. Ya Miss fadali he is out of this world


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