color represents your personality

What does your personality color declare as regard you?-

Attach yourself with the colors you love, either by wearing them or using them in your surroundings. They will empower you to be true to yourself, to show your true colors.
Whether you know it or not, color has an impact on how your mind notice the scenarios in the surrounding can make us feel happy or sad… they can make us feel hungry or relaxed.
According to an article:-
“Even when people attempted to remember words or objects, color had the greatest affect on recall,”

Always use a little amount of other colors with your favorites to keep your energies and performance balanced.

RED can help you to overcome negative thoughts, but it's also associated with anger and if there is too much red around us, you may feel irritated, annoyed and bumpy.

ORANGE is a joyful color. It evokes fun, cheeriness and warm exuberance.

GREEN symbolizes self-respect and well being. Its a safe color.
BROWN is the color of our Mother Earth. But it also relates to depressing emotions, fear of the outside word and narrow-mildness.

PINK is emotionally soothing and calming. Pink evokes femininity, softness, health and innocence.
GRAY is often associated with independence, self-reliance, self-control and self-criticism

BLUE is the encouraging color. It represents the night and makes us feel calm and relaxed. LIGHTER and SOFTER BLUE, make us feel quiet and protected. Light and dark blue combined, help to convey trust and trustfulness
WHITE brings peace and comfort. White evokes purity and truthfulnes
indigo and violet help to balance the mind and transform
obsessions and irrational fears.

BLACK Is a color that is both comforting and protective. In some cultures black symbolizes death. Black evokes seriousness, distinctiveness and boldness.


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