Ishq e Memnu Divas & their styling

Ishq e Memnu has been very famous series in Pakistan. People just love this drama for its story as well as for its enchanting look of models too. This drama has shown lifestyle of elite class of Turkey. Here i am going to discuss the three beautiful divas :
  1. Bihter (Beren Saat)
  2. Nehal (Hazal Kaya)
  3. Peyker (Nur Fattehoglu)


Bihter, played by Beren Saat, is the beautiful protagonist (or antagonist depending on how you look at it). She plays the vivacious, pretty young wife of an aging millionaire – cliched. Bihter is mostly seen strutting her stuff in mini/bodycon dresses with interesting structural details. As you can see, she wore a LOT of white, blues and blacks. The formula for Bihter seems to be basic solids with one or two eye-catching details and a lot of sexual appeal. When she wasn’t in minis we saw Bihter in satin gowns, tanks+jeans with fitted jackets and boots. Cocktail rings were an important part of the look. Bihter wore a number of Turkish designers including Ozgur Mansur, Arzu Kaprol and more mainstream brands like BCBG and Diesel. Some of Bihter’s dresses were super-chic and some had me scratching my head like that blue spiderweb-by concoction she wears in the woods with Behlul in the 3rd to last episode.

She also got attention of public through her fashion sense, styling and makeup in the show.
Girls are discussing Beren Saat’s  hairstyles, fashion and makeup , that she achieved to show the glam side of Turkish elite class.   Beren Saat  wavy and curly hair shows her sexy look in the show.  If you want wavy hair like Beren Saat, I would recommend an electric curlers in this regard. It takes only ten minutes to get wavy hair with it .After you done with your electric curler, don’t forget to spray your hair.Apply hair spray by tilting your head forward. You can enjoy this hairstyle at any event as it is easy to manage at the same time through this look , you can add an extra ommph to your personality.
Now let’s talk about her makeup.
Base:Her skin is clear and smooth so light application of illuminating powder foundation is sufficient for her.
Eyes: She make her hazel eyes prominent and seductive through black pencil application on upper and lower lid of eyes. You can also emphasize your eyes and get   sexy eyes like her through black pencil, mascara and smokey eye makeup.
Cheeks: For blush feminine blush tones like pink, peach works well with her eye makeup.
Lips: She completed her look with light color lipstick or only with nude shade gloss.
She also tried red lips with nude eyes , which works well at the same time.
When Beren Saat were asked about her makeup, she said eye pencil and pleanty of mascara for eye makeup is enough to achieve intense eyes.If you have light eye makeup then focus on lips , otherwise transparent lipsticks works well with intense and dominant eye makeup.Get a look of sweet girl through rosy cheeks rather than reflecting a tough character in shades of peach.

Click here to see her Wardrobe Pictures


The thing that probably surprised me the most about this show was Nihal’s overnight transformation from plain annoying schoolgirl to hot annoying fashionista. It was like she woke up one day and decided she wanted to show off her assets. She seemed like a mini-Bihter to me. There is no doubt that Hazal Kaya is insanely beautiful, but her wardrobe could have been improved upon. There were some looks like I loved, like the red Ozlem Suer dress, but some of her teeny little dresses presented some serious danger of spillage. You all get me? I loved her short hair though, and her makeup throughout the whole series.


Peyker, played by Nur Aysan, is Bihter’s equally beautiful sister. And the girl did ombre before ombre was hot. Peyker, who is an art gallery curator, has a knack for bright prints, bold hues and more flowing silhouettes than her sister and step-niece.

This is a short description of these beautiful divas. These 3 are equally stylish in their own ways and it depends on you whom you adore more. Comment your favorite diva below in the comment box.


  1. Bihter is best all her way she is real diva love her alot
    Peyker is good
    hate nihal

  2. Love biahter

  3. i liked the white wollen jacket pekar wore, no doubt ihter had the best dressing but some of the dresses pekar wore were just mindblowing!

  4. bhter is the est of all i like peyker too

  5. bihter is real diva love her she is the best and no one can be so beautiful

  6. bihter i love u

  7. bihter is bst of all in every way

  8. beren you are the best one and only beren

  9. bither is the best

  10. Hey silly, what you mean by saying "She seemed like a mini-Bihter "? didn't you know that Bihter wore a 20cm heels all the time at the show, but nehal wore a flat instead!? otherwise their heights are almost the same.

    1. their heights had a huge difference. in the end of the show nihal did wear high heals as of Bihter and even then she was short. stupid comment.


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