Their story - From Beren & Engin to Fatmagül & Kerim

Lately, i have been receiving quite a few e-mails from you guys that are rightfully asking for more information about your favorite "Fatmagul's Suçu Ne?" actress and actor; Beren Saat (Fatmagül) and Engin Akyürek (Kerim).

So i thought this topic deserves a post. Maybe more than one, even. Let's start and see where this goes...

It was the first half of the last decade. "Popstars" reality show era in Turkey was in decline and living its last moments. Turkish television channels were in search for newer, more interesting TV formats for the audiance that was finally bored of watching "singing competitions".

Show TV (a turkish television channel) went for a derivation of "Popstars", and came up with "Türkiye'nin Yıldızları" (Stars of Turkey); an "acting" oriented reality-competition show. And as you may have already guessed, Beren and Engin were two of the competitors in this show. The most promising ones, too.

I watched them in Turkiye'nin Yıldızları occasionally. And i must admit that Beren and Engin shined so brightly in the solo and group plays they performed, that it was obvious one of them was going to be the winner.

After Engin won the competition and Beren came as the runner-up, no one could complain to such a result. He won the title with pure talent and passion, after all. On the other hand, there were some people doubting Beren's acting capabilities, claiming that she came up second because of her looks rather than her performances.

I am not in one of those doubters. Beren was only 20 then when she was competing in such a big production, in front of millions of people! It was definite that she would certainly have a great future as an actress, as long as she continued to be this enjoyable to watch, and as long as she worked hard to improve her acting even more.

Shortly after Turkiye'nin Yıldızları was over, Beren received a job offer to be the face of TOFITA (a candy product) in a series of commercial videos...

Following the commercials, she played a relatively small role in Aşkımızda Ölüm Var (2004, mini tv series) and after her good performance, she would be given bigger roles in bigger productions in the following years:

 Aşka Sürgün (2005, mini tv series)


Hatırla Sevgili ("Remember Darling", 2006-2008, tv series)

Aşk-ı Memnu ("The Forbidden Love", 2008-2010, tv series)

Güz Sancısı ("Pains of Autumn", 2009, film)

Gecenin Kanatları ("The Wings of the Night", 2009, film)

and of course finally:

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? ("What is Fatmagul's fault?", 2010-?, tv series)


and now she is doing:
Intekam (2012 tv series) 

And here are some facts about Beren Saat:

- She was born in February 26, 1984.
- She is 167 cm tall.
- Studied Business and Management in Baskent University, Ankara. In fact, she joined Turkiye'nin Yıldızları while she was still a student.
- Her boyfriend, Efe, passed away shortly after Turkiye'nin Yıldızları was over, at age 19.

Now about Akyurek then i must say in "Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?". He looks completely different than the Engin  in 2004. Here you can see his transformation and growth in these photos of him:(In the brackets are the name of the character he played, and the year of the production.)

  Kader (Cevat, 2006)

 Yabanci Damat (Kadir, 2004)

Karayılan (Nizipli, 2007)

and finally ....

Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? (Kerim, 2010)

You can see the change in his shape and character in every production he's acted in. I hope it didn't make you dizzy, looking at so many pictures.

I've read a lot about him on the internet while i was searching for information and those pictures above. And i haven't seen a single negative comment about his personality or his acting. That should be a good sign, and a good reason to follow him and watch everything he's involved.

Unfortunately there isn't so much i can tell you about him, since he seems to be good at avoiding paparazzis. Here is the little information i have of Engin Akyürek:
 - He's born in 12th October of 1981, in Ankara.
- He's 187 cm tall.
- He is graduated from Ankara University History Department.
- His name Engin means "Broad Sea" or "Vast"(Adjective)

 His career:
- Yabanci Damat ("The Foreign Groom", 2004, tv series)
- Kader ("Destiny", 2006, film)
- Karayılan ("Black Snake", 2007, tv series)
- Bir Bulut Olsam ("Beyond the Clouds"*, 2009, tv series)

And of course
- Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne? ("What is Fatmagul's fault?". 2010-?, tv series.)
now a days he is in news of making a movie. I hope it would be a hit too like his other work :)


  1. Engin.Akyurek avoids papparazzi.
    magar kyu?
    kyuke Bir Bulut Olsam drame ke beech Engin par case ban gaya tha ke unho ne bribe dee hau military duty avoid karne ke liye.aur media ne unko bohot harass bhi kiya tha aur bohot mail uchaali thi. baad mein pata chala ke un par yeh jhoota case tha. woh trial jeet gae thay jab pata chala ke kisi general ne unko phasaya tha.general ne rishwat mangi thi ke enginp paise de toh scene clear hoga magar. turkey mein military duty karna lazmi hai har admi ko.Engin apne acting career mein masroof the isliye unho ne uske badle jurmana diya tha joo ke gair kanooni nahi hai.agar app duty na kar sakey toh uske badle app kuch rakam.dete hai. media ne is baat ko abuse kiya aur galat inform kiya aur kuch corrupt generals ne bhi Engin ka faida uthane ki koshish ki.beher haal engin yeh case jeet gae thay aur us ke baad se media ko avoid karte hai. magar Engin apne fans ko bohot pasand karte hai unke saath picturs aur videos lene mein unko koi problem nahi hai.

    1. Engin ko us case main is leay phasaya gya ho qk Engin k father govt official hain aur turky ki army ki aj kal jo turkish govt hai us sy nhi bnti shyd isi leay us general ny engin ko phasany ki koshish ki ho :/

  2. Engin is a middle child and he doesnt like eating cold food especially on filming sets.He always carries his bag with him anywhere he goes even on vacations. these are some random facts about him.
    Engin got award for his debut in movie Kader and his show Yabanci Damat was a major hit and win awards as well it was huge hit in turkey and greece and Engin had a very comic role in it.
    for me his talent shines in Bir Bulut Olsam.he looks very handsome in it and hes funny yet very passionate and interesting in it. he really has aged well.he gets better looking with time and im waiting for his new movie! he was very good as Kareem in Fatmagul n i love him as Kareem. Hope he is awesome as Tekin in his new movie! goodluck Engin! you are number1 for us :-)

  3. engin has won accolades for his performances mustafa and kerim. he is a very sweet and down to earth guy. he doesn't behave like a star he behaves like some normal person and doesn't have an attitude problem. seni seviyorum engin bey <3 <3

    1. i like mustafa bulut character alot because of Engin Akyurek. mustafa was supposed to be a villian but you cant hate him you feel so sad and bad for him he makes u feel pity for him. Engin made Karim a sweetheart who was so caring and loving and who respected gatma alot his personality was very soft and gentle. As mustafa bulut he made him very macho and impulsive and stubborn a little rough but still lovable as mustafa was very comic,naughty,mischievous and crazy. when you see karim and then mustafa you cant tell the same person played the role of both characters. The way they talk,look,walk,dress as well as the way his expressions change everything is sooo different in both. They are like 2 completely different people you really come to appreciate Engin Akyureks talent after watching them both! as kader he was very naughty too. He has the talent to morph into any character and he chooses to always do characters with a bit of challenge who r complex to do im waiting for his movie now hope he makes Tekin unforgettable aswell!

    2. Nice words well said

  4. beren we love u, from v.little age u r doing v.well,love u n ur evrt thng. stay blessed

  5. Engin is mind blowing in his every performance,he is very humble and unique I'm waiting for his new film

  6. Engin is matchless,handsome,warm personality,beautiful and penetrating eyes,caramelised voice,the way he smiles ooohhh his persona is charismatic.i love him as kerim.And as mustafa bulut he was like a tiger such a spell binding combination of pain,sensitivity and bravery.i can feel his pain I have never seen such a perfect talented combined passionate I'm waiting for his new film ,new masterpiece Tekin....God bless him

  7. one time some fans/girls followed Engin all the way to his house from the set and rang his doorbell. even though it was wrong what hirls did he still talked to them nicely took pictures with them and told them politely to not do that again...he still dint want to break the girls hearts.
    only one time in london he refused a fan pictures due to some private reason and the fan dint mind.The fans love him still :-)

  8. not sure if its true but on many Engin Fanpages they say that Engin went to london to learn English for his fans as he will get closer to them if he speaks thier language and english is commonly spoken in uae egypt pakistan and europe etc thats why. this is why he dint want fans to take pics as he cud not study with so many fans following him it was supposed to be a secret. EAFP admins even confirmed with the place he was studying.but then he left london as news leaked out as hundreds of fans called and visited the place everyday.Can engin speak english now? is it true he was in london or rumour? no one knows but the fans who met him in london can confirm but hav no pics to prove!

  9. Beren is super talented girl with lots of guts many people have criticized her for many things but she didn't care and always remain working with ful attention and for the only reson she is now the best actress of turkey not only in turkey but in many other countries too and she have proved tht she is the best and she deserves to be there berooo i love u

  10. Engin you are the best and waiting for your comeback as Tekin,God bless yoi

  11. Engin we are waiting for you to come bake as Tekin :-)

  12. love u beroo jaldi se ao na yagmur ban k wesy hum apko bihter ki trhan dekh k bhi bohat khush hain u r true super star

  13. Engin Akyurek miss you.kareeem miss you.
    please jaldi wapas ao koi channel iska koi.aur show le kar ao pls!

  14. Engin=the absolute obsession

  15. love BereEngin <3 both r love

  16. The first thing i have noticed on him as kader, was his deep, low,sensual voice. The second one his eyes with that special and straight look and so charm at the same time. I like veeery much that tall charming young man so i dont think he has transformed (with respect to your opinion), i think that time makes him even more beautiful.
    Engin, time fits on you! And some people need to see an optometrist. As for his talent, undeniable. Really (i mean it ) love his personality and i hope to see his new movie in my country

  17. Engion Akyurek is Addiction! :)

    1. Oh, sí! Una adicción @.@

  18. It will be nice for him to learn English and create his own site so the fans can keep in touch with him it doesn't hurt for him to send a personal message for us ..blessings from USA :)


  19. Fell for Engin quite late. Have since watched his Kara Para Ask and Olene Kadar. He was simply amazing. Now waiting for his movie which will be released in a few weeks...


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