Engin In Love With Amal Meher; true or not

 Umm , at very first i want to mention it that this is an old scenario of about 2012 Ramadan, but i just attempt it because i want you all people to know about it too. This is about our Engin (Kareem) that he has become so famous in Arab world that their singers want to cast him in their songs to make their songs popular.
It is said that if you are an Arabic singer and want to a make a winning music video to promote your latest single, try recruiting Turkish actors for the shooting. Amal Maher has done, and it's probably not a bad idea at all to appeal to her music fans.

Now , i woud like to tell you some more about Amal Meher & then i will come to my point.
Amal Maher

Amal Maher or Ammal Maher (Arabic: آمال ماهر‎) (born 19 February 1985) is an Egyptian singer.Her powerful voice provided her license to the hearts of good listeners as she is quiet much influenced by Umm Kulthoum. In this, she has performed many concert in Egypt and neighbor countries in paying a tribute to Planet of East Um Khalthoum, who symbolize the beautiful era in Arabs arts through her great authent and has been influenced by Umm Kulthoum. Amal maher is considered one of the most talented artists of her generation, she began singing as a child. Amal is discovered by the general public at the age of fifteen, by taking up the songs of the great singer Oum Kalsoum. She drops out of school to devote herself fully to music. She thus enrolls at the Conservatory of Arabic music with a dream in mind: to start a singing career.This dream is made possible by the composer Mohamed Diae, with whom she gets married for some time and gets a son, Omar. Mohamed helps her indeed in the realization of a song and its videoclip, Ely Binak W Binah: the song was aired heavily on radio and music television channels. She records her first song in 2006. Amal Maher gets the support of many artists, such as Amar Al Sharii, who she considers as a sort of his spiritual father. Indeed, the artist supported Amal as much as he could throughout her career.In 2006, she releases her first album, Isa 'Ini Ana with many singles such as Eini Aliki Ta Tiba, Makanak, Alo El Malayka, Ana El Basha Ghona, Ana Baadak or Ya Marsr. The star participates to a lot of concerts in Egypt and the neighboring countries. In 2009, she appears in several of the largest festivals. She records a second album which is still unknown by the general public: its release, initially scheduled for 2010, is postponed to the New Year, then to mid-January, but the revolutions keep pushing its release indefinitely. The star, still influenced by her idol, the diva Oum Kalsoum, remains confident for the future and she achieves her goal of becoming one of the most talented singers of her generation.Her second album was released in 2011 titled by A3raf Mnein and won the best female album. Amal then preparing for her new album & that was the huge surprise in Eid Ul Fitr.

Amal Maher
آمال ماهر
Birth name Amal Maher Mandour Ibrahim
Born February 19, 1985 (age 28)
Cairo, Egypt
Origin Egypt
Genres Arabic classical music
Occupations singer
Years active 1998–present (Cairo Opera House)
2006-present Releasing albums
Labels Alam El Phan
Website www.amalmaher.com

 The surprise was that the male model in her video, and who will play her love interest. Amal Maher's people have thought along these marketing strategy lines, aware of the buzz that certain male Turkish actors are having just now. The producing company for the latest album for Egyptian actress Amal Maher is holding secret, under the table, negotiations to nab big flavor of the season Turkish actor Engin Akyurek, known to the Arab world as Karim from the hit Turkish drama ‘Fatimagul’. They want him to star in Amal’s latest music video for the single “Ataqi Rabna Fia” (For the Love of God Have Mercy on Me), to be shot shortly.
Amal has recently filmed two music videos -  one for the song “Fiq Hitat Ghuror” (You Are Conceited) and the other for “Khalini Maak” (Keep Me With You). The latter was formally scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day but was postponed due to the unstable conditions in Egypt.
The two met on set on July 2012, where after a long deliberation, they settled on Italy to be the filming location for Rayih Biyya Fen video clip and the credit for this exciting collaboration has  gone to the producer Mohsen Jaber, who is also the owner of “Alam El Fan” company. Mohsen played a huge role in Amal’s widespread success and he has also managed to get Engin to star in her video.He met with the Turkish heartthrob in Istanbul, where he convince Akyurek that he letter agreed to be in the clip to get more exposure in the Arab world. It’s note worthy that director Mohammad Sami would supervised the whole filming process but later on Engin denied doing this video as Fatmagul project was in progress but her video had a great success after this.

It is also said that Akyurek has fallen in love with Amal but it is not sure that if it is true or not. May be it would just a rumor or may be it has some reality in it.

Disclaimer: All this is not confirmed but is said and is neither written to hurt anyone' feelings.Just contain information about our beloved star and has no concern with any other' personal life.


  1. If it is true then i must say they will make nice cpl together :P

  2. fake news hes not in the video i saw it.amal ppl made publicity for her song. the article topic was engin falls in love with amal in new video as a model if he works in it but he never did. however, thier couple would be beautiful if they did!!

  3. It's not true but nice couple

  4. It's not true and old news he did not work in her video,I was waiting but he was not in any video of Amal

  5. That all is already mentioned that this is old news of about 2012 Ramadan & he didn't work and video link has already been given & he is not there but yes if they will be a couple it would be a nice one.

  6. wish he did the video :( he should come in more serials ans dds and videos, he always gets offered ut he never dos them?? please tell me why?

    1. I guess he is scared of media

  7. waoooo yar so nice couple <3

  8. nooooooo that's Impossible to love amal she is an egyption singer but he he is my lovely actor in the world and he is sooooooo high and i adore him

  9. Engin plz dnt do this to me :P


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