Good Bye To Kareem :') Will Miss Him

Kareem , protagonist of the drama, who is actually  ENGIN AKYUREK , a role in Fatmagul-Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya is going to leave our television screen tonight. I am discussing his some best moments with us. I hope you all will like it & bid him a sweet good bye with me :)
It is when we all came to know about the drama is getting on air on URDU1 starring BEREN SAAT as Fatmagul with Engin Akyurek
At first when i see him i was like oh my GOD ! i am in love with him :') he is so sweet, he is so handsome . . 


He is the protagonist of the drama, tall & good looking man. He is as old as 28 (i guess in the drama) & has black long hairs perfectly set every time, can make any girl flat :P , straight nose & dark black eyes & a beard. His physical appearance is so fit & enchanting that can make any girl falt & fallen in true love with him. (me as well)



When he goes airport to welcome his childhood friend VURAL 

the way he welcome him & spent his most of time with his friends,
i said :  He meant his friendship. He is such a loving friend.


When he first saw Fatmagul his expressions were so sweet, calm & true.

 I wish if they will be a couple rather than fatmagul & Mustafa (whom i didn't like at all). He show that he had fallen in love with fatmagul at first sight.


What he had done? oh he is so stupid ! how could he be so irresponsible ? how he could ruin someone's life ? he was not like his friends then how how how ? *tears* Oh my God ! i wish it was not he who has done all this crap. May he be the purest one. When he was crying after that trauma on his shameless act,
 i was crying with him. I was more sad for him as compared to Fatmagul who actually suffered the trauma. He first support his friends to stay quiet & not to tell any one about the crap they done but when his friends blamed him to be the reason, he start arguing but later on he agreed over it & marry Fatmagul on an agreement.


It was so difficult for him to spend his life with a girl, whom he was guilty of doing rape (however he didn't do that).
Fatmagul try to kill him, but he heroically save himself & convey his sorry to her instead of getting angry.
Fatmagul abuse him & say him harsh words despite of the fact that he was not accused of raping her but she was unknown of the truth.


On the day when he was leaving Istanbul, he wrote a letter to Fatmagul, 
packed his bags, bid good bye to Abenine
& head towards airport. On his way he came to know about the reality that he is in true love with Fatmagul & he can't live without her, he give off the decision of leaving her & went back home. This was the moment when i was literally in love with his character & more over him. I, my self could feel his pain, loving someone who even don't care of you is the hardest thing to bare but in his case she don't only dislike him but hate him.


When he disclose his sin & terrible reality of rape to police & run a case against Erdogan Yasaran , Vural & Saleem Yasaran and give Fatmagul a spirit to stand against Yasaran's & not to fear.


He stand against every problem that comes towards his family specially Fatmagul, prove him the best husband. He fights with every that person who annoy Fatmagul.


He comes before us as a very romantic person, who cannot help loving Fatmagul due to her innocence & beauty, prove him to be a true lover & a sincere Husband of Fatmagul, who never cheated his wife & never partitioned his love for any reason. Always support her in her every decision & step & guide her a perfect way.


His marriage with Fatmagul was actually an effect of trauma, to feel real happiness of a marriage & to help Fatmagul to bring out of the trauma, he renew his marriage & enjoyed every of the occasion with his beloved wife.


At last with great efforts, long term struggle, infinite love, trust, sincerity & soul determination they finally win their case against Yasaran's.

He proved himself to be the perfect protagonist, viewers are proud to call him a perfect hero. His character & his deeds are more than enough to grab the viewers on his side.


  1. Superb article admin (Y) love it

  2. love it <3 and will miss Kareem for sure :)

  3. oh this is magnificent.. superb piece of work

  4. epic work admin (Y) superb i am lovin it :)

  5. misssss u karem

  6. i loovee the article and i looveeee karim espoecially engin akyurek he acted so well!!
    you forgot to add the part where he finds fatmagul who had run away and carried her in his arms and a tear fell down on her fce and uff i cant forget that scene and when theysang song on dinner together, and first dance where fatma hated him and looking at her secretly from his window. just lovely.
    he dont care about going to jail to prove his love .i love karim and miss him, miss Engin Akyurek! come back soon!

    1. yeah i just post it but i have to add many things & other special moments later on IN SHAA ALLAH :)

  7. it is awesome i am sppechless engin i love u

  8. Sharyar Akhter22 June 2013 at 10:47

    engin uuuuuuuuuuuuur awesooooooooome ur acting jxt fantabulous luv you :D be happy safe nd in love ;)

  9. miss you ENgin Akyurek come back soon!
    love Engin Akyurek and karim sooo much!!
    urdu1 please air Bir Bulut Olsam now!
    hearts for Engin!!! <3 <3 <3
    number 1 actor is Engin Akyurek foreverr!!
    best scene is when he held her in his arms when she had fainted and when he gifted fatma the wedding gown!!

  10. miss you Engin Akyurek :)

  11. keriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmm <3 engino we will miss you.. and my fave moment is the marriage one
    admin ~~hina shah~~

  12. ^Hey Hina we really are going to miss Engin Akyurek on our screens too!!
    fabulous act, he made Karim seem innocent and vulnerable, a victim of consequences perfectly. and any other actor in his situation would probably not have come across as those two things especially after being shown in the light of a rapist (good thing he was innocent :D) you just could not dislike him! his character tugged at your heart as much as fatmaguls did!
    we thoroughly enjoyed the play and the act! Engin added more dimension to the play and his performance stayed constant throughout the series.
    Engin we will miss you so much! hope you come back soon! Urdu1 better play more Engin Akyurek series! hope he takes a new series soon!
    EAFP Team <3

  13. Love u Kareem u r so sweet plz koi nya drama bnaen jaldi i miss you


  15. Very nicely written , engin is the best :) am soooooo much in love with him , ve downloaded whole drama in turkish with English sub titles., can't sleep with out watching it . Just addicted to it.
    Wish to see him in new projects !!!
    He makes character alive :) luv u engin

  16. i watch engin in fatmagul as karim and mustafa bulut in bir bulut olsam,i downloaded all series and watch with english subtitles then i watch again all on urdu1. he isamazing i love him so good as actor and acting his voice is so sweet wish urdu1 put better voice on him in dubbing! want to see bbo in urdu now! love you engin! number 1 actor!

  17. There is one thing that astonishes me in Engin Akyurek’s fans – for them there are no borders, no ethnical and faith differences.They have understood and accepted his messages from the screen and make a successful international cooperation in it’s purest form. Isn’t that amazing! And fantastic! Engin deserves that, because that is what he provokes in us – his fans. He makes us better persons, more tolerant, understanding and accepting each other.

  18. very well said!!! I was completely in love with his character from the very beginning and could feel his pain and true love for fatmagul despite that she used to hate him like anything.engin brought this character to life with his wonderful acting skills.this is a character which will always have a special place in my heart

  19. The best actor all over the world he is just fabulous he is really blessed we were so lucky to be able to see this guy every day hope to see him more and more and more,he is wow
    his eyes very very experessive, his charming smile heart capturing, his height strength, his face just perfect,his voice is like melting caramel,his innocent loooks,he is so so sweet and lovely,his hairs beautiful, just everything about him is superb.....he is so handsome.magnet ic and expressive,I already download all episodes of fatmagul and bir bulut olsam with English subs on my iPad so I can watch again and again,I'm obsessed with this more thing i want to add that I have never seen such loyal fan following of any actor,he is amazing God bless him

  20. Im very upset bcoz we dnt see his gorgeous face on our television screens miss him badlyyyyy ;(

  21. i love him ffatmagul the best drama i had ever seen love it & will never forget it...:'(

  22. miss Engin so much, my favorite scene is tickling scene and cabin kiss :P which urdu1 did not show! :P heeheee

  23. “Engin Akyurek can convey a complete range of emotions just with his eyes. He has beautiful expressive eyes, gentleness and kindness blend all in a perfect body, but his true beauty comes from within, it reflects on his face beautifully and that makes him so special, his simplicity and spontaneity in addition to the purity of heart.
    One is taken by those eyes, either you are going to love him or hate him. Or, both love and hate him at the same time, but will never take your eyes off him.
    His eyes are beguiling, entrancing and mesmerizing. His presence is enthralling and engrossing, leaves you transfixed and transports you to another realm. His face radiates when happy. The tenderness is appealing with magical eyes that speak volumes and express emotions. His eyes hypnotize you and when, sad they cry and when happy they laugh.
    Then there is his smile. He has a million different smiles that take one to places only dreams are made off.
    My words will be your gift. They will praise, tease, laugh, cry out for you, miss you, defend you, honor you, cherish you and mostly love you endlessly. “ love kareem,love Engin Akyurek number 1 actor forever!!

  24. Engin Akyurek not only has fans but is followed like a cult! his fans are poetic and romantic and extremely loyal.his elusiveness makes people eager to see and read more on him, good job writer, you have chosen a good personality to get more hits on your blog! wish you luck :)
    loved the article very cute and mushy :)
    Engin Akyurek number 1 actor foreverr!!!

  25. Please tell me how to watch fatma gul on internet with english subtitles? Plllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeease i'm having big time trouble, miss fatma gul alot but can't watch it again. I don't know.

    1. use spotflux and you can easily watch search 'fatmagulun sucu ne'

  26. He is a superstar with his amazing looks..watched alot of turkish series but no turkish actor has ever captured my heart but engin is an extraordinory man all pakistan fall in love with his magical looks and awesome acting i want to see his more dramas i wish he is back soon with another amazing project like fatmagul

  27. people who call Engin Akyurek ugly are so shallow and jealous. hes a brilliant actor and i love his eyes they are so expressive. he is number 1 turkish actor in the world and this fact cant b changed!

  28. ignore the haters,spread EnginLove <3
    love u mwahh!!

  29. when karim was said he rapist of fatma i said why dont plese hes so cute and prayed no Allah make him not culprite and i got happy when hewas innocent lol.
    i like and miss karim much.
    wapas ajaonaa please!

  30. Pakistan love u miss you alot!

  31. engin akyurek is the best rest of all..his personality is matchless......he is so beautiful..........he is my favourite actor...he has all the qualities of best actor.............

  32. i miss kerim so much! love this character! Engin Akyurek is awesome actor!

  33. Plzzz.....i request URDU1 to onair KARA PARA ASK,the new drama of engin akyurek......he is amazing man...literally he is too talented..i love the kissing scenes of both kerim and fatimagul which urdu1 always


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