öykü karayel

Oykü Karayel (b. 1990, Istanbul ) is a Turkish series and theater actress.

Birth 1 January 1990 (23 Years)
Istanbul , Turkey
Nationality Turkey
Occupation (s) Theatre and movie player
Effective years 2011 - present
* 16 Sadri familiar Cinema and Theatre Awards
Ephesus Special Award (2011)
( Good Things Our Party ) [1]
Association of Theatre Critics
Young Talent Award (2011)
( Good Things Our Party


 In 1990, Istanbul, born in Kolli Story, Çemberlitas Girls High School graduates. After a short training at Kenter Theater in 2007 at Istanbul University State  input  Conservatory Theatre Department . Currently a student at the conservatory, Theatre Krek'in Good Things Our Party 's game auditioned for and won the right to play the role of Aisha from 30 candidates. The first professional experience; Good Things Our Party 's role in the theater's play Ayse, 16 Sadri familiar Film and Theatre Awards, was able to get  Ephesus Special Prize and the Theatre Critics Association Young Talent Prize. We have North South 's TV series (Kuzey Guney), in which she portrayed the character of Gemre a tripod.


011 Good Things Our Party Bu Leading Actor, Drama
 2011 North South (Kuzey Guney) Gemre Caya Leading Actor, Television series

Honours (Awards ) 

2011 16th Sadri familiar Cinema and Theatre Awards Special Prize of Ephesus Good Things Our Party
2011 Association of Theatre Critics Young Talent Award Good Things Our Party


  1. She is pretty i like her

  2. she resembles mrs deniz alot

  3. she looks like ainy jaffri, the model in qmobile ad haina?
    mrs deniz se bhi milti hai asli ki maa beti lagti hain!

    1. han na real ma beti lagti hain :P

    2. oo yes she seriously resemble annie alot :P

  4. iska name kaise bolte hai matlab pronounce toh karna batao admin,kitna mushkil hai.

  5. when i see vural and cemre it seems that ainy jaffri and sheheryar munawar are on tv.they look same same to me! right ?

    1. ainy resembles alot but sharyar :P thora thora but sheryar zyada pyara ha

    2. Ohh plz our shehryar is prince charming and 1000 times handsome then bugra

    3. bugra is better

  6. igra and sheheryar both are beautiful and look like brothers. but yes sheryar is more pretty. :P

  7. oyku.karayel@live.com13 April 2014 at 05:37

    oyku karayel is one of my favorite actres,she is beautiful and has beautiful green eyes like my eyes


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