Why to ban Turk Dramas ?

Our new government  recommended ban on telecasting of foreign content by foreign television channels including dramas with Urdu dubbing...

The question that rises in our mind is Why to ban Turk Dramas ?

Opposition said :

Regardless of the reasons why drama-watchers have such an affinity towards Turkish dramas – whether it's the differences in appearance and location but the similarity in storyline or plot conflicts. there's no doubt that whoever had the insight of transplanting these dramas into Pakistan's entertainment landscape is brilliant.

But just because we now have a cheaper means of entertaining Pakistanis, does not mean we should completely eradicate the interests of our own drama industry.

I fear that Pakistani dramas face the untimely end.I request, don’t let Pakistan’s drama industry to decline as our music industry & film industry.

What our celebrities think ?

Our celebrities think that if these dramas continued to on air on our televisions then no one will watch their dramas & they will go to decline. People will love & adore Turk celebrities like Beren SaatKivianc TatlitugEngin Akyurek or any other Turk celebrity.

Many Pakistani celebrities made protest to ban foreign dramas on Pakistani TV channels. Famous drama actors like Mustafa Qureshi, Qavi, Abid Ali, Bushra Ansari, Faisal Qureshi, Humayun Saeed, Saba Munir, Samina Ahmad, Usman Peerzada, Firdos Jamal, Maria Wasti, Ghulam Muhiuddin, Shaukat Ali, Sardar Kamran, Irfan Mughal, Rashid Mahmood and many others did the protest against the foreign dramas on PTV channel.

Some famous celebrities exchanged their views in the favour of ban in morning shows. No doubt Pakistani dramas are excellent and celebrities are making efforts to make drama industry more progressive. There is no need to pay attention on foreign serials.

Managing Director Pakistan Television (PTV) Yusuf Baig Mirza described to the committee that PTV’s dramas has been popular both inside the country and abroad.

Actor Qavi Khan said it was unfortunate that no steps had been taken to protect Pakistani film and drama industry.

Famous Pakistani actor, Faisal Qureshi said. These channels are destroying the industry which was growing well. Actor Asif Raza Mir said serious steps should be taken to protect Pakistani drama industry and that foreign serials should be banned as they are damaging Pakistan’s culture and spoiling domestic industry. He suggested that Indian programs on cable television and FM radio channels should be banned as well.

The charming Faisal Qureshi said:

“These channels are destroying the Pakistani TV industry for their profits and their selfish action could lead lot of people jobless.”

Humayun Saeed who is famous actor and producer of Pakistani TV industry said:
“If such serials start running as regularly then there will be no audience for Pakistani content.

The senior actor Talat Hussain said:
“These dramas show a more liberal Muslim society which our viewers want to see and feel. But does that mean that these programmes should be allowed in Pakistan?”

Famous Urdu writer Syed Mohammad Ahmed said:
“You can’t get more ridiculous and insane about art then these Turkish soaps, if you think that worked then we are not short of seeing a day where nude films are dubbed in Urdu and aired as well.

What Our Politician Think ?

Our politicians know very well that people have gone mad for Turks , channels like Urdu1 & now Geo Kahani too, are making good money & sound progress. If they ban these dramas or give them an option to pay heavy tax then it is confirmed that these channels will have to pay tax as they have already bought many projects from Turks. It will be a great idea to acquire our celebrities love & a sound tax from channels too. A good saying will fit on them "KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE" ;)


1. If the point is on being Patriotic then:

Are Turkish dramas the only foreign content in our country. Start taking a look around you, you will found many things like mobile phone made in Hungary or China, Computer or laptop of some other country. From a shampoo that you use to a car that you drive is every thing local ? No ! it is not.. If our people can be considered unpatriotic by watching foreign dramas on television , on our channels then first of all you have to stop using things or products of other countries, stop watching online movies, dramas as the browser you use is also a foreigner invention, stop using  facebook, twitter, skype or whatsapp. Stop going foreign to make money, to acquire knowledge. This is not patriotism this is xenophobia, i must say :D

Being patriotic doesn't mean & shouldn't mean to promote foreign aspects, but it means that you should be honest , sincere to your country. serve it by doing good things, by showing good deeds, by loving your fellow man, by helping poor, by cleaning your house, your street, your city hence your country. This is what patriotism is & this is what your country wants from you.

2.Turkish dramas are against our culture:

How any drama can effect our culture unless we didn't do it ourself. Our culture is actually full of colors like different flowers in a bouquet. Our every province shows entirely a different culture than other. As a Pakistani we have derived cultural values like our language Urdu (& i loved it) which has been derived from different languages, Urdu is actually a mixture of different languages & word Urdu is actually a Turkish word that means Battalion. If our language is derived from a Turkish word then how we can call them different & i think every one is familiar with the historical relationship of Turkey & Pakistan.

Now coming to the point about dramas then what our dramas mostly show :
Criticism on women,
sisterly rivalry,
love marriages & court marriages,
arrange marriages problems,
caste problems,
husbands having extra marital affairs,
husbands doing two or more marriages without any specific reason,
Is this our culture? to cheat our beloved, to deceive our business partners, to make differences between people by cast system....

& now about dressing that mostly people point out Turks dressed so boldly then what about our celebrities ramp walks, their dresses in parties & in many dramas too where we have shown our elite class? 


Talking about bold scenes that are already been censored but in our dramas they show their vulgar romance without even thinking.
What does that show? Are we hypocrite?
Even our awards gave a clear reflection of Indian culture. Is that fine with us? 


3.Turkish dramas are not good for our drama industry:

How any drama could ruin or destroy our drama industry if our industry is strong enough to produce more better dramas? How any foreign drama can gain more fame than our dramas if the story reflected in our drama is powerful enough to grab viewers. Stop blaming foreign content & start working for betterment of our own industry than you will enjoy this race with foreign dramas. According to the basic rule of economy anything can get success if it has good rivals. taking an example of shampoo how Pantene can be the mostly used & purchased shampoo if it doesn't have good rivals like sunsilk, head&shoulder etc.

No doubt our dramas are good & our drama industry is getting more & more fame not only in Pakistan but also in Arab countries , India & many other countries. But it is also true that most of our stories are quite same having almost same plots like Humsafar, Dil-e-muztar etc.

& talking about celebrities opposition then i must say that is quite weird. How they could say this ? Aren't they confident on their talent ? Or they didn't trust their well wishers & their fans.

& I can't even know why you guys are saying all this now , Why didn't you ever say this when Indian dramas were airing on our channels. Why don't you guys have no freaking problem with those dramas.  Please grow up & stop all these stupidity on the name of patriotism or love to one's country. This is not patriotism or any fear but just jealousy.


  1. absolutely right admin. i can't get it where were they when star plus was showing its vulgarity. where was our government that time jo achanak se inhy dora pra

  2. admin can you please write any good artcle on Dil e Muztar plz
    & thumbs up for your work (Y)

  3. faisal qureshi and humayu saeed are insecure. first of all humayu saeed went and worked in a flop indian movie, imagine if indians had said to ban humayu and his movies should not be seen in india then how he would feel? now hes doing thesame to turkish people for no reason. pakistani media people has some old hags who cant sell a ticket and are loosing fans thus they are joiningthis bandwagon. losers.
    we still watch pakistani shows but we dont want to see faisal and humayu we want to see fawad and adeel and sheryar munawar. thier shows are hits even with turkish shows on air becuase they are goodlooking, soon fisal qureshi and humayu will ban these guys also because they are btter looking than them. looser log!

  4. all these are suffering from xenophobia. They have losted their minds & nothing more

  5. koi ban van nhi hongy bs pm sahab ki jeb bhari jaegi :/ biky hue log

  6. have they losted their mind :/ why are they banning these shows. what the hell is with them

  7. ayesha omer ki dressing dekho :/ itna acha nam or dressing tobah tobah phir bura Turkiyon ko kehty hain

  8. Absolutely true admin!
    We want Turkish Dramas !!

  9. good one admin.. your all points are like a slapt to all these stupid people

  10. This is extreme extend of vulgarity all the private channels should be banned because these channel are spreading violence against our country. PEMPRA should take action against such channels.


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