Poor KAREEM :P Fatmagul or ye bas larhty hi rahengy :D


  1. haha :P
    for those who dont understand, behlool is saying when will karim and fatma patch up as his show has to air after they are done fighting and romance a bit and karim is sayin ' i have no idea even my hair has fallen and facial has grown in this waiting' haha. good one :P

  2. hahaha that's good but i guess you have not seen uncensored scenes LOL

  3. is pakistan they dont show uncensored scenes, they only show fights but not the kiss and patchup later, thats why pakistani awaam is getting so confused and frustrated with the fights and nakhras of fatma and karim and waiting and waiting when romance will start they dont know tht romance is being edited hahahah haha. youtube zindabad :P

  4. oho why censored :/ how could you enjoy it

  5. please watch on youtube you will fall in love with karim forever!

    1. Im already fall in love with kerim even without watching these scenes ;)


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