Engin Rocks :D Kivo Shocked

Engin Rocks :D Kivo Shocked


  1. haha way to go engin. you're the best

  2. Engin Akyurek number 1 forever!
    love you so much!
    Pakistan loves you Engin Akyurek!
    seni seviyoruz!

  3. We all pakistanis missing engin so much and eagrly waiting for his next project love you engin bey

  4. Engin Akyurek is a real phenomenon in television and film. He has the amazing ability to blend with the image of a hero. His talent is inimitable. It has everything - physical beauty, magnetic eyes, warm voice, compelling broadcast, irresistible simplicity and unparalleled kindness! Engin Akyurek is different with his humility and desire to keep his personal life away from media! He is very responsible and serious for his age! There are millions of fans worldwide! He deserves the love and support they received!we love him pls come back

  5. Engin has no comparison with kivanc, engin has good looks with great acting skills.he is no 1 forever Engin we are missing you pls come back

  6. Engin Akyurek number 1 forever!
    Pakistan has fallen in love with you!
    you are our favorite person to watch everyday at 9 o clock on tv.
    your show is ending and we are going to miss you!
    please do a new show and come back on our tv screen soon!
    please please please!

  7. i like Kivo more as he is new actor & groowing his popularity day by day... Kivo wait for the time you will rule every heart IA

  8. Both kivo and Engo re may fav but engo more ;)

  9. when i watch him in tv shows it does not seem like an actor is acting that part i feel the character is real and feel for them. he made me think karim is real and love karim alot, and he made me feel mustafa bulut is real and mademe cry and laugh for mustafa bulut!
    this is why he is liked so much he makes all characters he does so real and relatable! love him to bits. other actors dont have that quality as thier superstar image cant make me connect to the character and kivo is nice but at the end of the day you know its kivo acting, but with engin you feel the character is speaking and feeling not engin! thats why Engin is my favorite and wish him more success waiting for his new show now! please come back soon Engin Akyurek!!

  10. Engin is like good wine that gets better with time...he grows on you.
    first time i saw him i said what a maila guy who made him hero, but when i started watching him i got attracted to his charater and then i liked him alot and now a huge fan.
    if you are jugdgmental than you will never appreciate his talent, to enjoy his talent best is not to compare him to anyone especially your set standard of beauty, Engin has his own attraction and style and its very decent and likable.he is what you call 'yeh cheez' !! people with gora complex will disagree with me.

  11. love you Engin Akyurek!
    come on pakistani screens soon we love you!

  12. Kivianc is better than Engin.. compare their acting and role in ishq e memnu and fatmagul. behlul always appears as a perfect lover boy even their scenes were also censored but the drama looks perfect without any what or why you can understand every scene but in fatmagul after every scene we all become helpless that what the hell is going in the drama.. ishq e memnu is a hell bettar than fatmagul. till the last episode viewer can't resist paying more and more attention but in fatmagul we all beacome exhausted. go through the pages of ishq e memnu you will find the number of audience still awake and wishing to watch it again but in fatmagul every one is fed up and asking when would it finish....

    1. Are you kidding me> watch ENGIN AKYUREK in 'Bir Bulut Olsam' and 'Kara Para ASk' he is so damn versatile he changes his body language and voice and even facial expressions to suit the role you can barely tell its the same guy.he is so talented that he got nominated for Emmy award and won Seaoul International Superstar award and both is the first time any muslim Actor has been ever won especially a turkish actor. Also fatmagul is the most succesful Tirkish show it has been sold in 127 countries and was superhit in all of them. and there was a kerim fever in arab and latin america world where women were being admitted in hospital as they were fainting due to Engin Fever.

  13. Engin isa better actor and people would still tune into a show to watch him. fatmagul writers kept dragging series but Engin fans still tune it to watch it everyday still, while kivo fans stopped watching miinahil khalil this isthe power of engin. you cant compare Engin to any actor, he is a superstar with so much talent and theatre experience. producers are dying to work with him but he is on career break. they both are very different so cant compare but critically Engin has more expressions and acting skill than kivo. kivo fans should stop comparing them both. Engin fans never compare engin to anyone as they are not insecure about his talent but kivo fans are so insecure. please get alife, kivo ioshandsome and you are tharkee for him no doubt but engin is a better actor still!

  14. i love kivoooo alot seriously his eyes made me mad <3

  15. Engin Akyurek your hair is so gorgeoussss i want to brush it lool :P when you fix them with your hand i just want to scream its so cute!
    lovee uuu Enginooooo!!!

  16. Engin ur eyes so romanticccc!!! whn u look at fatma i wish u look at me :P lov uuuu!!!

  17. I love engin akyurek I agree with the comment that fatmagul's writerz dragging the series but we all are still watching fatmagul just bcz of engin akyurek bcoz his acting never let us go and glued us with our tv screens on 9'o clock his acting is so real and perfect love him alotttttt

  18. Engin me missing you soo much :(
    come back soon :(

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