Memories of Fatmagul-Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya

Here I am sharing you with some unforgettable memories of Fatmagul-Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya ....


Fatmagul (Main Actress):

 Fatmagul, lives happily with her fiancee Mustafa, dreaming all day & night for her bright & happy future with her loving fiancee. Mustafa is a fisherman, he is building his house where he would live with Fatmagul after marriage. Mustafa is going for his work out f town & ask Fatmagul to come & see-off him.

Fatmagul lives with her brother Rahmi, nephew Murat & sister in law Muqaddas in their house & give second hand in their dairy. Rahmi & Muqaddas have gotta big order for an engagement party of tycoons (Yasarans).


Kareem Ilgaz (Main actor) :

Kareem , protagonist of the drama lives with his sister Maryam Aapa (famous with her name ABENINE in town). Kareem's mom has been died years ago & his father lives with his second wife's family.
Kareem is a mechanic & works with Ghalib Ustad in his shop while Abenine is a herbalist (make medicines using herbs) & serves people of   Izmir , people  from all over the Turkey also visit her for their treatments.


He is coming Izmir for his engagement ceremony with  Meltem daughter of  a politician. Erdogan Yasaran is his first cousin has also come Izmir to attend his engagement ceremony with his family, he is jealous of Saleem Yasaran due to his wealth. Vural Nimli, friend of Yasaran is also invited in the ceremony. They all are friends of Kareem but look down upon him as he's from a middle class family.


The story is basically based on a trauma of a suffering girl Fatmagul, Fatima a poor girl living in the village of Izmir , innocent & pure becomes a victim of four friends who are drugged & have lost their senses. Yasarans' worker makes an order to Muqaddas (Fatima's sister in law). Fatima & Muqaddas are serving Yasarans. In the mean time she accidentally meet Kareem & Vural. Kareem is fascinated with her beauty & innocence & can't help her staring. At night during engagement ceremony Erdogan gives tablets (drugs) to all the 3 friends. Kareem again call Fatmagul & try to talk her but she ignore him as Mustafa calls her out. Mustafa envies Kareem & got angry with Fatmagul. Howver she apologies him & then she changes the topic, She told him that she will come at night to bid him good bye & take his handkerchief as his memory.
Fatima was on her way to see off  her love Mustafa but unfortunately she came across with those drugged friends. She tries to escape but all in vain. They caught her & raped her, then they all enjoy swimming & went back their home. Kareem after being conscious recall his memory & feel ashamed of his act being unknown of the fact that he didn't rape her. But still he was accused of crime as he was with them & witnessed the loss of poor fatmagul. He then cried a lot for his mistake. Abenine found Fatmagul, whilst she was searching for some herbs in that worst condition & then immediately call police & ambulance. Muqaddas then started accusing Fatmagul if that it was her own fault & if she is equally guilty. Abenine took the matter in her hand ,ask Muqaddas to shut her mouth & stay away from the poor girl. Muqaddas on the spot of crime found Selim's engagement ring but she hide it from police & thought of a wicked plan that she would now menace Yasarans & would get a huge amount in return. 

Mustafa on the other side wait long for Fatmagul but she didn't come. When he was on the ship he got that news & came back to home. His mother use bad mouth for Fatmagul. Mustafa with anger burnt his own house (where he was planning to live after his marriage), broke his engagement & left her in her bad time.

Fatmagul is in great shock. Kareem abandoned her and she is forced to marry Karim in order to wash her honor. Karim marry her to escape penalty and she moves with her husband to live in Istanbul.

Fatmagul of course hates him while he deeply regret for what he did and falls deeply in love with her but Fatmagul in the beginning continue her hatred to him however later on she starts loving him. They hire a case against Yasarans that they win after great struggle, renew their marriage & lived happily after.


Basic theme of Fatmagul is to give those girls a strength who have suffered the same trauma & are silent in order to keep their family's reputation clean, it's not just Fatmagul's story, it's the story of all those victims who are quiet after being raped because they are afraid that no one would believe them or because their aggressors are rich and influential or are from their own family. Fatmagul then help Ozge who has been a victim of his own brother in law. She give girls an idea or hope to not sat quiet or not to be afraid of anyone.
Most importantly, it's a story of survival. A girl who had been through the worst possible scenario, recovers from the tragedy and comes back to live her life, without feeling ashamed or holding herself responsible for her misery. She is not a specimen of victim mentality and is not looking for anyone's sympathies. She is a strong girl, a role model for rape victims, she has come out of this tragedy a stronger person and wants to fight for justice, not just for herself but for others like her.
Fatmagul has become an example for every girl , not to loss her inner power, be strong & face every thing with strength & honor.  


Some beautiful memories of Fatmagul & Kareem:

Love was when Kareem agreed to marry Fatmagul to save her reputation & to give her support even when she hated him a lot. 

It was when Mustafa attack on Kareem's house & destroy every thing. Kareem become so angry & was going to avenge Mustafa but stop because Fatmagul asked him not to do so. 

It was when Fatmagul tried to kill him but he still beg her for mercy, to forget what happen & apologies her again and again.

It was in their first smile for each other.

It was when every time tries to convince her that he is not faulty, but yes he was with those guilty boys, who were his friends & tries to apologies her. When he ensures her that he will not leave her will love her unconditionally.

It was when he was leaving Istanbul & write a letter to Fatmagul of apologies & tell her about his feelings of Love & guilt. It was when he can't leave Istanbul just because of Fatmagul & came to know about how deeply he is in love with Her.

It was when Kareem was tensed & worried for Fatmagul when she leaves his house & start living with Asu. It was when after finding her unconscious resting with a tree, he holds her in his hands & his tears start flowing & when one of his tear drops on her face.

It was when he keeps her bracelet all the time with him as the most expensive or worthy thing. It was when he kiss that bracelet every time. Even it was love when Fatmagul kisses her own bracelet to feel Kareem's touch.

It was in their first dance. When Fatmagul didn't like him but he has soft feelings for her.

It was when he consistently reminds her that it was not her fault & she should come out of the trauma & start living a happy & normal life with him. 

It was when he admitted before police the whole truth & file a case against Yasarans.

It was when Fatmagul had a dream about him & she wonders why he was in her dream & not Mustafa.

It was when he fights with Mustafa & Fatmagul holds his hands & leave Mustafa for him.

It was when she forgives him & start loving him and  It was when she support him in his every decision.

It was when they both cried together in each others pain.

It was in their hugs. Every time they hug each other tight.

It was when he gives strength to Fatmagul to stand against her enemies & not to be afraid of anything as he is with her. 

It was when he fights with Erdogan or Mustafa to save Fatmagul.

It was when they hug each other when Fatmagul visits him in jail.

It was when he gifts Fatima wedding gown & then tore it because Erdogan touches it.

It was when she nurses him when he was in hospital & prays for his life & health every time.

It was when she meet Kareem when he came out of jail & gives him a plant that she grew whilst missing Kareem. It was when she was blushing when Kareem holds her hand.

It was when they had their first kiss. A kiss free of every fear & pain. A kiss full of Love & true feelings.

It was when they first sing together for each other their favorite song whilst looking in each others eyes.

It was when they stay outside their home, alone for the first time.

It was when she visits him when he was angry with her.

It was in their Mehndi dance. How they both look each other silently with smiling eyes & rushed heart beats.

It was when they renew their marriage. So that they would also enjoy the pleasure of marrying & can forget all the bitter memories of past.

It was in their Honeymoon period. When they spent it loving each other, being insecure for each other & having romantic cum sweet fights.

It was when he giggles her & they both laugh together & had their kiss.

It was when he stares her & smiling when she is asleep.

It was In her first pregnancy.

It was when they both praises each other whilst holding Elif.

It was in their victory. When they win their case against Yasarans after loads of struggle.

It was in their priorities, their jealousies.

Their endless love, cute romance, sweet fights and in each & every moment they spend.

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  1. Superb one again (Y) admin i have become your biggest fan :D never forget to visit this blog :)

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    love karim sooo much Engin Akyurek forever!! i am impressed with your work !

  5. I appreciate all of your comments & i will definitely try to improve my grammar too. Actually i have started writing very know & it takes to be perfect. well i will work on it. btw ty :)

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    One is taken by those eyes, either you are going to love him or hate him. Or, both love and hate him at the same time, but will never take your eyes off him.
    His eyes are beguiling, entrancing and mesmerizing. His presence is enthralling and engrossing, leaves you transfixed and transports you to another realm. His face radiates when happy. The tenderness is appealing with magical eyes that speak volumes and express emotions. His eyes hypnotize you and when, sad they cry and when happy they laugh.
    Then there is his smile. He has a million different smiles that take one to places only dreams are made off.
    My words will be your gift. They will praise, tease, laugh, cry out for you, miss you, defend you, honor you, cherish you and mostly love you endlessly.
    Number 1 actor Engin Akyurek forever!!"

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    1. but who is calling him ugly :O he is attractive enought to make any girl madly in love with him

    2. some haters are writing bad things about his looks on his fanpages in pakistan and websites out of jealousy, but real girls and women like Engin especially Karim! he is cute + hot + sweet :D

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  25. It was when he was leaving Istanbul & write a letter to Fatmagul of apologies & tell her about his feelings of Love & guilt. It was when he can't leave Istanbul just because of Fatmagul & came to know about how deeply he is in love with Her.

    That is what makes them to love each other and have feeling for each other. I love this story wonderful, although I am not yet meet the end of the whole story. It had made me strong and given me courage in life.

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