Top five Turkish Dramas

Top Five Turkish Dramas (dubbed in Urdu)

According to the current rating of public following Turkish dramas (dubbed in Urdu by different channels) are on our top 5 list :


ISHQ-E-MEMNU is on number 1 according to public views with 4.93 rating & This dramas leads URDU1 from 0 to 4.91 rating . This was the first drama dubbed in Urdu by a trend setter URDU1.
ISHQ-E-MEMNU is a Turkish romantic drama television series produced by Ay Yapım Productions and originally broadcasted on Kanal D between 2008 and 2010. It has been adapted from Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil's novel Aşk-ı Memnu, but it takes place in contemporary Istanbul instead of the novel's late 19th-century setting.


Beren Saat as Bihter: the protagonist Bihter is a beautiful young girl who blames her mother, Firdevs for the death of her father. When her mother was planning to marry Adnan Ziyagil, a rich widower, Adnan proposes Bihter instead of her mother. Bihter agrees, but actually she only loves Adnan as a father not a husband. Adnan already has two children from his first marriage. She soon begins to have an affair with Behlul, Adnan's nephew and this forbidden love leads her to commit suicide in the end.
Kivanc Tatlitug as Behlul: Behlul, the male protagonist, was a distant relative of Adnan but he had been living with Adnan since he was a kid, when he lost his parents. He has a lot of girls in his life, but he loves Bihter. However, he is not brave enough to defend their forbidden love.
Selcuk Yontem as Adnan Ziyagil: a rich widower who falls in love with the much younger Bihter. He has two children, Nihal and Bulent.
Hazal Kaya as Nihal: Adnan's teenage daughter who is blindly in love with Behlul.
Zerrin Tekindor as Ms. Deniz: Nihal and Bulant's nanny, loves Adnan.
Batuhan Karacakaya as Bulent: Adnan's eleven year old son.
Nebahat Cehre as Firdevs Yoreglu: Bihter and Peyker's mom, antagonist. Her husband died of a heart attack when he disscovered that she was having an affair.
Nur Fettahoglu as Peyker: Bihter's older sister, Firdevs's daughter, Nihat's wife,Doruk and Saif's mother
Ilker Kizmaz as Nihat: Peyker's husband, Hilmi Onel and Aynur's son, Adnan's brother-in-law and business partner.
Hilmi: Nihat's father. Hilmi hates Nihat because he married Firdev's daughter against his wishes.
Aynur: Nihat's mother, Peyker's mother-in-law. She is a soft-spoken and kind lady who loves Peyker and Nihat very much.
Baran Akbulut as Bashir: Driver at Adnan's house. He was orphaned at the age of six so when Adnan found him, he brought him home and raised him along with Nihal. He was in love with Nihal and would go to any length to keep her happy. He knows about Bihter-Behlul affair.
Rana Cabbar as Suleyman: The cook at the Ziyagil family. He is married to Şhayesta and has a daughter, Chameli.
Shayesta: Süleyman's wife and Chameli's mom.
Chameli: Suleyman and Şayeste's daughter. Loves Besir.
Nesrin: The maid of the house. Engaged to Captain Raza.
Sait: When Besir was sick, Sait came to the Ziyagil house as a driver. But actually he was sent by Hilmi to spy the family.
Katya: Mrs. Firdevs's maid who had a crush on Sait. She hates Cemile.
Pelin: Nihal's friend. Bulent had a crush on her.
Arsen: Adnan's older sister.

Story of the drama is Peyker Yöreoğlu, Firdevs Yöreoglu's eldest daughter is getting married to Nihat Önal . Nihat is the son of a rich but cunning businessman Hilmi Önal who dislikes Firdevs knowing she is a greedy, cunning and self-centered woman. Bihter Yöreoglu is shown to be recovering from the shock of her father's death. Although she is happy for her sister Peyker she holds her mother responsible for her father's death. She had accompanied her father to their farmhouse where he died of heart attack after seeing his wife with another man. Before getting married to Nihat, Peyker was romantically involved with Behlul. Hilmi is out-raged when Nihat marries Peyker, the daughter of the greedy Firdevs and kicks Nihat and Peyker out of his house.
Adnan Ziyagil lives in a mansion on the shore of Istanbul's Bosporus strait with his two children, teenage daughter Nihal and eleven year old son Bulent. Behlul's is a distant relative of Adnan. He was brought home by Adnan after his parents died in a car accident. Mrs Deniz is the children's nanny and she has been living in the household before the death of Adnan's wife. Adnan falls in love with the much younger and beautiful Bihter. He proposes her and she agrees to marry him even though she knows that her mother fancies him. Soon after Adnan and Bihter get married, Firdevs comes to live with the family. Hilmi Onel tells Adnan that he has made a big mistake by marrying Firdevs daughter Bihter and warns him that Firdevs will rob his family just like Nihat but Adnan ignores and Hilmi becomes furious. He swears to ruin Nihat and Adnan's lives.. Adnan offers Nihat a job in his office, to which Nihat agrees.
Nihal is not very happy with her father's decision of marrying Bihter. She wanted him to marry her French nanny Mrs. Deniz Mademoselle.
Besir is the Ziyagil family's driver who had been living with the family since he was six years old. Adnan raised him along with Nihal. He was also Nihal's childhood friend. Besir secretly loves Nihal and can go to any length to see a smile on the innocent Nihal's face. Nihal, on the other hand is madly in love with Behlul, but only Mademoiselle is aware of it. Cemile, the daughter of Ziyagil family's cook Suleyman and his wife Sayesta, has feelings for Besir.A series of events takes place which lead Behlul into developing feelings for Bihter. Bihter rejects him initially, hurt Behlul proposes his then girlfriend and model Elif but distances himself from her when Bihter gives into his charms. Nihal is deeply saddened by Behlul's engagement and passes out during the engagement ceremony. Adnan worried about her daughter, asks Mademoiselle about her.
Behlul buys a small house on the riverside but only Bihter is aware of it. Bihter often goes there to meet Behlul. Besir, however, discovers this and secretly captures a video of Behlul and Bihter. But he fears that if he shows this to the family, Nihal would be heartbroken. Therefore he just leaves the Ziyagil House without informing anyone.
Behlul breaks up with his girlfriend Elif Meryem and comes closer to Bihter. However, he soon realizes that he has made a great mistake and starts avoiding Bihter. Bihter now finds it impossible to live without Behlul.
Firdevs senses change in Bihter's attitude. She uses her maid Katya to spy on her daughter and her family. Firdevs soon discovers everything about Bihter-Behlul affair. She also gets to know about Nihal's feelings for Behlul and tries to bring Nihal and Behlul closer to each other. Nihal soon reveals that she loves Behlul. Behlul is shocked to hear this because he only loved her as his sister. Soon Besir finds out that he has lung cancer. The Ziyagil family somehow finds him and he tells Behlul that he knows about his and Bihter's affair and that if he doesn't marry Nihal and keep her happy, he will reveal everything to Adnan. Behlul soon gets engaged to Nihal and Besir is happy to see Nihal happy. Adnan's sister Arsan takes Besir to her home so that she can take care of him.
Behlul is caught in a dilemma. He is ashamed of himself for deceiving his father like uncle and in guilt he leaves Bihter.
Heart-broken and devastated Bihter confronts Behlul. He tells Bihter that their relationship is over, and that he will marry Nihal so as to rectify his mistakes. Bihter, knowing that he loves her and is marrying Nihal only out of guilt, breaks down in front of her mother. She says that she is dying and begs her mother to stop the wedding. Firdevs helped her .Bihter also discovers that she is pregnant with Behlul's child, but she aborts it.
Behlul is caught in a dilemma. He is ashamed of himself for deceiving his fatherlike uncle and in guilt he leaves Bihter, for whom he had broken off his engagement with Elif, and gets engaged with Nihal.
Heart-broken and devastated Bihter confronts Behlul. He tells Bihter that their relationship is over, and that he will marry Nihal so as to rectify his mistakes. Bihter, knowing that he loves her and is marrying Nihal only out of guilt, breaks down in front of her mother. She says that she is dying and begs her mother to stop the wedding. Firdevs refuses to help. A day before Behlul's wedding, Bihter asks him to run away with her but he coldly rejects her. As a last resort, on the day of wedding, Bihter confronts Behlul, pointing a gun towards herself, and asks why did he prefer Nihal over her, why did he choose to hurt her instead of hurting Nihal. She asks him whether he will be able to live after losing her and he says "no" but does not have the guts to take the gun from her hand. Adnan breaks into his bedroom and sees them together. He scornfully reminds Behlul that he treated him like his son. Upon realizing that Behlul does not have the courage to defend his love, Bihter kills herself. She dies for forbidden love. After her death, Behlul visits her grave, asking for forgiveness over his cowardice. He admits that he always loved her and that he is her murderer and of everyone else, nothing would have ended this way if he wasn't the coward man that he was, and that it is his punishment that he will have to live with this guilt forever. Behlul leaves Ziyagil family. Firdevs goes into shock over her daughter's death and ends up being paralyzed. She blames herself for snatching her daughter's love from her which resulted in her death. Adnan moves into a new house with his children, Mademoiselle and the servants(Suleyman, Shayesta, Nasrin, and Chameli) while Nihal is on the path of recovery after Behlul's betrayal.


FATMAGUL is on number 2 according to public views with 4.91 rating. This is the second drama dubbed in Urdu by a trend setter URDU1 along with MANAHIL OR KHALIL & ASU on EXPRESS and NOOR on GEO But gain much fame as compared to other dramas. This dramas leads URDU1 from 4.91 rating to 9.75. FATMAGUL is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapım and broadcast on Kanal D. The series is based on Vedat Türkali's novel, Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?, which was made into a film in 1986. The series is written by duo Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu. The soundtrack was done by Toygar Işıklı.

Beren Saat ... Fatmagül Ilgaz
Engin Akyürek ... Kerim Ilgaz
Firat Çelik ... Mustafa Nalçin
Murat Daltaban ... Münir Telci
Bugra Gülsoy ... Vural Namli
Kaan Tasaner ... Erdogan Yasaran
Deniz Türkali ... Perihan Yasaran
Seda Güven ... Meltem Yasaran
Esra Dermancioglu ... Mukaddes Ketenci
Engin Öztürk ... Selim Yasaran
Deniz Baytas ... Hilmiye Yasaran
Sumru Yavrucuk ... Meryem Aksoy
Bülent Seyran ... Rahmi Ketenci
Emre Yetim ... Emre
Aziz Sarvan ... Turaner Alagoz
Sevtap Özaltun ... Asude Ünsalan
Veda Yurtsever Ipek ... Ender Alagoz
Servet Pandur ... Leman Namli
Zühtü Erkan ... Semsi Namli
Sacide Tasaner ... Halide Nalçin
Toygun Ates ... Emin Nalçin
Musa Uzunlar ... Resat Yasaran
Mehmet Uslu
Yilmaz Tüzün ... Reis
Ahmet Ilker Okumus ... Komutan

Story is Fatmagul Ketenci is a girl who lives in a village on the Aegean coast with her brother who runs a dairy. She is engaged to marry a fisherman called Mustafa Nalchalı in a months time and dreams of getting away from her nagging sister-in-law who hates her. Kerim Ilgaz is a well-mannered blacksmith apprentice who lives with his aunt Meryem Aksoy known affectionately as "Ebe Nine" ("Granny Ebe") who is a healer of herbal medicine. The big event of the season is the engagement of the area's richest and most influential businessmen Reshat Yasharan's son Selim to the politician Turaner Alagoz's daughter Meltem. Kerim meets up with his old friends Vural, Erdogan and Selim. After the engagement party, all four of them go on a drinking and drug binge to celebrate whilst Fatmagül is off to see Mustafa off on another fishing trip and accidentally comes across them. Erdogan, Selim and Vural gang-rape her, with Kerim passed out with no recollection of the event. A traumatized Fatmagul is later discovered the next morning by Ebe Nine while she is picking herbs. As the town go into an uproar over the rape incident, Kerim accepts the blame and agrees to marry Fatmagül as he mistakenly believes himself to be guilty and in order to protect his friends. As a result, Fatmagul and Kerim's families sell their properties and move to İstanbul to start a new life. But things become complicated due to the machinations of the Yaşarans and their unscrupulous lawyer Munir Telgi who seek to protect themselves as well as Mustafa who seeks revenge but after a long tiring struggle Fatmagul wins her case against them and Saleem & Erdogan are sent to jail while Vural has already been killed By Mustafa. Mustafa also tries to kill Kareem and kidnapped Fatmagul so he also sent to jail as he is guilty. Fatmagul & Kareem renew their marriage and live happily after.


FARIHA is on number 3 according to public views with 2.78 rating with only 10 episodes and is still progressing. This is the third drama dubbed in Urdu by a trend setter URDU1 along with FAREB, MERA SULTAN, MOHABBAT But gain much fame as compared to other dramas. This dramas leads URDU1 from 9.75 rating to 12.25. FARIHA is a Turkish television drama series produced by Med Yapım. The series broadcast on Show TV and it is written by duo Melis Civelek and Sırma Yanık.


Vahide Gördüm as Zehra Yılmaz
Hazal Kaya as Feriha Yılmaz
Metin Çekmez as Rıza Yılmaz
Çağatay Ulusoy as Emir Sarrafoğlu
Deniz Uğur as Sanem İlhanlı
Ceyda Ateş as Hande Gezgin
Metin Selçuk as Mehmet Yılmaz
Sedef Şahin as Jansu İlhanlı
Yusuf Akgün as Koray Onat
Eray Özbal as Unal Sarrafoğlu

Story is mainly about Feriha Yılmaz (Hazal Kaya) who is the main character in the series, and her life. Feriha is a daughter of a poor family. Her father Rıza Yılmaz (Metin Chekmez) is a doorman in Etiler which is a rich neighborhood of Istanbul. Her mother Zehra Yılmaz (Vahide Gördüm) is a housekeeper. Feriha achieved to enroll on a private university with a full scholarship. On her first day, Feriha then poses as a rich girl whose father is a wealthy man. There she meets a handsome and rich boy called Emir Sarrafoğlu (Çağatay Ulusoy). Feriha lies about her whole life and background, Emir falls in love with her not knowing who she really is. Unfortunately, she also falls in love with him and is trapped in her own lies. It will take 'Emir' one year relationship to discover who she really is, when he will decide to get revenge of 'Feriha'. Emir and Feriha will keep loving each other more and more as they torture each other.


MANAHIL OR KHALIL (ISHQ JO MEMNU NA RAHA) is on number 4 according to public views with 2.3 rating. This was the first drama dubbed in Urdu by EXPRESS channel. MANAHIL OR KHALIL is a Turkish television drama series that aired on Kanal D. It comprised 36 episodes finishing on May 24, 2008. On March 8, 2010 Euro D published every weekday in the back sections.


Kivanc Tatlitug as Khalil Tuğlu
Sedef Avcı as Manahil Doğantürk
Murat Daltaban as Midhat Fire
Caner Candarli as Kadir Doğantürk
Hasan Küçükçetin as Mustafa Young *
Firat Tanis as Joseph Doğantürk
Star Culture as Elegant Doğantürk
Mehmet Cevik as Hasan Doğantürk
Narcissus epidemic proportions as Süheyla Doğantürk
Attachment Turkmen as Jane Sonmez
Tamay Sword as Tulip Doğantürk
Gökçer Young as Omer Ceylan
Gülce Lucky as Emine Mill
Begum Benian as Sema Fire
Mr Alptuğ Altinkaya as Semih
Ezgi Asaroğlu as Canay Balci
Gulsah Ertugrul as Aysel Aycan
Fatos Silan as Zerrin
Ilkay Akdağlı as Suphi
Tolga Akman as Sinan
Selin Iscan as Doğanan

Story is Manahil is a 20-year-old girl. Manahil was born in Urfa, then the family moved to Germany. Khalil worked in the same pastry shop as Manahil where they both fell in love with each other. Manahil was forced by her father to marry a man named Mustafa in exchange for 25000 euros. The night of the marriage, Mustafa beats the hell out of so her grandmother tells her to fly away to Istanbul with her lover Khalil. Manahil gets there before Khalil. And later Khalil also arrives there and he found her in a bus where he runs behind that bus and shouts her name and then Manahil looked at him. Then the bus driver stops the bus and they both hug each other. This way Halil founds her. Manahil's father is psychotic and evil who wants to honor-kill his daughter and sends her husband and her brother, Kadir, to Istanbul to hunt Manahil and Khalil down and kill them both.Manahil and Khalil faced many problems there. Like even one time Manahil was found by Mustafa and her brother, Kadir. But Khalil knew where they took her so he got her out of there. But at the end of the drama they find them and they agree that she can marry Khalil. the whole saga ends with death of Khalil.


MERA SULTAN is on number 5 according to public views with 1.5 rating with only 20 episodes and is still progressing. This is the first drama dubbed in Urdu by GEO KAHANI who is just about to come in race with URDU1. MERA SULTAN is a prime time historical Turkish soap opera television series. It is based on the life of Suleiman the Magnificent, the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The television series shows Süleyman's consolidation of his power: executing a corrupt vazir, reinforcing the rule of law throughout the empire, meeting foreign diplomats, and preparing for military campaigns. But the main focus is on the relationships among the members of the imperial household, especially romantic entanglements and rivalries. The animosity between Hürrem and Mahidevran and the role of Ayşe Hafsa Sultan, the valide sultan; Hürrem's rise as Süleyman's favorite while pregnant with his son, her fall from favor after her son's birth and her eventual return to grace; Pargalı İbrahim's entanglement with the Sultan's sister; all set against the backdrop of the tension between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire.


Halit Ergenç as Sultan Süleyman
Meryem Uzerli as Hürrem Sultan
Nebahat Çehre as Ayşe Hafsa Sultan
Nur Fettahoğlu as Mahidevran Sultan
Selma Ergeç Hatice Sultan as Sultan Süleyman's sister
Okan Yalabık as Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha
Mehmet Günsür as Şehzade Mustafa
Gürbey İleri as Şehzade Mehmed
Pelin Karahan as Mihrimah Sultan
Ozan Güven as Rüstem Pasha
Pınar Çağlar as Beyhan Sultan
Deniz Çakır as Şah Sultan
Selen Öztürk as Gülfem Hatun
Filiz Ahmet as Nigar Hatun
Alp Öyken as Pope Leo X
Selma Keçik as Daye Hatun
Nihan Büyükağaç as Gülşah Hatun later Hürrem Sultan's maid
Selim Bayraktar as Sümbül Ağa
Fatih Al as Matrakçı Nasuh

Story is about Sultan Suleiman. At age twenty-six, when his reign began, Sultan Süleyman sought to build an empire more powerful and more extensive than Alexander The Great and to render the Ottomans invincible. Throughout his 46-year reign, his fame as both the greatest warrior and ruler of his age spread both East and West.

The young Süleyman receives news of his father's death and ascension to the sultanete during a hunting party in 1520. In haste to reach the capital he leaves his consort Mahidevran and their son, little prince Mustafa, at his palace in Manisa, he takes the road to Topkapı Palace in İstanbul accompanied by his close friend and favorite Pargalı İbrahim.
At the same time another ship sails from the Crimea across the Black Sea, bringing Christian girls as gifts to the Ottoman palace. On this ship Alexandra Lisowska, daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest, is making a very different journey. Kidnapped by Crimean Tartar raiders, after seeing her father, mother, little sister and fiance killed she rebels against her slavery at every opportunity. Nonetheless she is destined to captivate Sultan Süleyman, rising from palace slave to sultan's favorite until Süleyman takes the nearly unprecedented step of making her his wife. She will bear his sons and rule his empire with him through bloodshed and intrigue, becoming famous throughout the Ottoman empire as Hürrem Sultan ("Cheerful Sultan"), and as "Roxelana" in the West.

Season 1:

Sultan Süleyman learns of his ascension while on a hunting trip with his close friend Ibrahim Pargali.

Meanwhile a Ruthenian girl, Alexandra Lisowska (aka Roxelana, later Hürrem Sultan) is captured during a Tatar slave raid on her village; her father, mother, and sister are killed in the raid, but her fiance Leo survives and escapes (although she thinks he also died). Her best friend Maria (later Gulnihal) is taken in the same ship.

When Alexandra arrives she is taught a lesson: if she becomes a favorite ("khatun") and gives birth to a son, she could rise to become a Sultana and rule the world. So, to attract his attention, when the Sultan next passes by and all concubines/slaves bow in respect, she calls out his name and then faints into his arms. Intrigued, Süleyman summons her to his bed. She becomes the favorite, the Sultan naming her Hürrem. Later she converts to Islam.

Mahidevran, senior "khatun" and mother of the Sultan's surviving son Mustafa, becomes obsessively jealous of Hürrem. Blaming Hürrem for her own miscarriage, Mahidevran beats her up badly; when Süleyman finds out, Mahidevran falls even further from his favor.

During Süleyman's campaign against Belgrade, recently married Victoria's husband is killed during their escape. Victoria, later Sadika, goes to Constantinople to take revenge.

Hürrem becomes pregnant with their first son, Mehmed. Süleyman calls her to his chambers to eat sweetmeats, but these have been poisoned by Mahidevran. Hürrem eats the sweets and faints, but Süleyman manages to rescue her. Süleyman's displeasure with Mahidevran increases.

Hürrem becomes pregnant with Süleyman's first and only daughter, Mihrimah Sultan. After giving birth she gives a party in the Harem, but then gets in a fight with another favorite, Ayshe Hatun, and threatens to kill her. Sadika kills Ayshe because Ayshe suspects she is up to something, but because Hürrem threatened her and all evidence seems to prove that Hürrem killed her. Süleyman banishes her to the old (Crimean) palace. Ibrahim tells Hürrem that she can come back to the Topkapi Palace if she agrees to kiss Mahidevran's dress. Initially Hürrem refuses, but then changes her mind.

Ibrahim Pasha has married Hatice Sultan (Sultan Süleyman's sister). After that, Hürrem gives birth to a boy and the Sultan goes with her on a trip in the forest. Selim remains with Gulnihal.

Then Süleyman goes hunting with Mustafa, Hürrem and Mehmet, but he doesn't take Mahidrevan. Meanwhile there is a civil war.

Leo, Hürrem's former fiance, finds out where Hürrem is and becomes the royal painter to get close to her. Ibrahim Pasha discovers the truth about their relationship. He tells Hürrem that unless she feeds Leo poisoned Turkish delights, he will tell the Sultan about Leo himself.

In the last episode of the season Süleyman is in a pavilion outside Ibrahim pasha's palace, enjoying the view and eating grapes with Sadika serving him. In the last 3 minutes Sadika is seen bringing a tray with a glass of water, but with a dagger concealed beneath it; Hürrem cries as she feeds Leo the poisoned Turkish delights. Süleyman is threatened with a dagger at his throat.

Season 2:

Hatice becomes pregnant with twins. Mahidevran gives Valida a note of Leo about Hurrem. She calls Hurrem to her chambers, but then faints.

Hürrem wants to marry Suleyman. When she is sent to the Crimean Palace under the orders of the Sultan, Valide sets a trap for her, she puts some attackers to kill Hürrem but Bali Bey saves her. She is back to Topkapi Palace and the Sultan decides to marry her.

After marrying Hürrem, Sultan Suleyman comes to give Valida the news of his action, but when Hürrem Sultan tries to kiss her hand she stands up and shows displeasure with his deed which she considers unacceptable. She faints in his arms and they take her to her chambers to rest. Mahidevran Sultan becomes surprised then angry, she decided not to lower her head down anymore.

Ibrahim is shot during the ceremony with an arrow and it results that it was poisoned. Hürrem is afraid that they would blame her for this because she did send an archer to kill Ibrahim, but she called off the attack at the last minute when she saw Hatice upset. Ibrahim's attacker was another archer sent by one of the veziers to kill him. Nigar, Matrakci and Sumbul travel to heal Ibrahim in one of the hot springs.

Furious, Mahidevran comes to Suleyman's door and asks his guardian to announce her, but Suleyman refuses to receive her arguing that he is busy. She makes a scandal and eventually Suleyman listens to her. She requests her freedom to spend her life as a free woman which Suleyman denies. She then asks him to send her to exile with her son as happens when princes become of age, but he tells her she can leave, only his son stays with him. Mustafa convinces his father to send them both to Edirne Palace.

At Valide Sultan's initiative, her niece Aybige comes to Topkapi palace from Crimea, to be protected from the succession infighting between Valide's brothers upon the death of their father, the Crimean ruler. They tell Aybige to stay away from Hürrem because she could be a bad influence on her, but she is stubborn and Hürrem is known all the way to her homeland so she decides to be friends with her. She falls in love with Bali Bey during this season as he is the one in charge of security of the entire royal family.

Nigar Hatun is married to Nasuh efendi on initiative of Hatice and Valide Sultan. Nigar is not pleased by her wedding because she is in love with Ibrahim, the Grand Vizier. On her first night in her new house, she is surprised to see Ibrahim entering and he tells her that he and Matrakci had a deal and that he is the one she will be with from now on. Nigar is happy at this turn of events.

Meanwhile, Hatice gives birth to twins, one boy and one girl (Huridzan and Osman) and Ibrahim is happy to see her holding both babies in her hands and also surprised. Nigar is not pleased by this.

Time passed and at the age of 17, Mustafa comes back to Topkapi to be with his father until he is sent into exile. He falls in love with a concubine named Nora (later Efsun) and she gets pregnant. Mustafa doesn't know that Efsun works for Hürrem Sultan and has orders to poison him. She puts poison in his food, but at the last moment she regrets and trips over the food. Mustafa gets sick and Mahidevran concludes that it was all Hürrem's doing even though Mustafa didn't drink the poison.

Mahidevran finds out that Efsun is pregnant and wants to make her abort, but Mustafa stops her and sends Efsun to his chambers. Hürrem tells Valide about Efsun's pregnancy and Valide sends Daye to get rid of the baby. Mustafa doesn't manage to save her this time, and baby and Efsun die.

While Sultan is in war, Valide and Mahidevran conspire against Hürrem. Valide places a spy and pretends to let Hürrem lead the harem for a while. During the rebellion provoked by Valide's spy, Fatma, one of the slaves is accused of robbery of gold and the innocent girl burns herself. The slaves take torches and march towards Hürrem's chambers and try to burn her, but Daye and the guardians save her. Daye gets fired for this.

When Sultan comes back and finds out what happened, he gives Valide a lecture about how she is not capable to lead harem and how he is tired of all the fights. He is also angry with Ibrahim because he didn't give him Hürrem's letter while they were in war, but Ibrahim says that he didn't want to worry him and that he gave certain orders to Daye and Nigar to protect Hürrem ever since Sultan made him responsible for her life. Sultan gives Daye back her post.

Hürrem and Mahidevran fight after Gulsah got Daye's position and Mahidevran tries to slap her. Suleyman arrives and makes her apologize after which she goes crying to her chambers. Mustafa barges into Hürrem's chambers to talk to his father and they have a huge discussion about the way Hürrem manipultes him after which Suleyman tries to invite Mustafa to his chambers which he refuses. Mustafa almost loses his father's support when he doesn't want to come to Aya Sofia with him, but Ibrahim manages to make him see reason.

Hürrem gets into fight with Mustafa, and Suleyman gives Mustafa his place. Hürrem is displeased so they have an argument. Cihangir, Hürrem's youngest son gets sick and she doesn't tell Suleyman which infiuriates him, but after seeing his son so sick, he and Hürrem unite and he calls a doctor. Cihangir is developing a hump and they try to fix it by physiotherapy while he is still a baby. Cigangir gets better even though he can't recover fully and Suleyman has a heart attack.

Mahidevran is conscious that when Suleyman dies, her son would be the Sultan so she tries to convience Mustafa that he needs to take precautions with his brothers which he refuses. She then talks with Ibrahim, Valide hears this and sends Hürrem and her children to Hatice's saray to protect them. When Suleyman wakes up Mahidevran falls even more from grace. Gulsah intrigued against Daye which caused Daye to kill a healer by accident so they fired her and threw her out of harem. Mahidevran is happy because she thinks Gulsah will get the post again, but is surprised to hear Valide giving the post to Nigar. Mustafa leaves for Manisa soon after.

Hürrem conspires against Ibrahim and hides with the help of Gulsah who almost got killed by Mahidevran, Nigar onto Hatice's estate. Hatice finds Nigar and realizes that Hürrem told her the truth, that Nigar is pregnant with Ibrahim's baby. Nigar gives birth and Hatice tells her that the girl was born dead after which Hatice has a huge fight with Ibrahim.

Valida finds out about Ibrahim's affair with Nigar khatun, she wants to fire her. She comes to Suleyman's chambers to inform him, but suffers a stroke before saying anything. Eventually she passes away and Suleyman gives harem to Mahidevran which she immediately uses in her favor to get Valida's chambers which Suleyman doesn't allow. Hürrem intrigues against Mahidevran making her look like someone who wanted to strangle Gulfam who got Nigar's post. Suleyman gives Hürrem the leadership of the harem and the season ends with everybody bowing to her and Mahidevran looking at her angrily.

Season 3:
After İbrahim affair with Nigar becomes known, İbrahim leaves the city on a campaign against Persia. After his return he manages to rescue his relationship to Hatice Sultan.

Nigar Kalfa gives birth. Hürrem manages to save her life. Hatice hides the child from both İbrahim and Nigar. Years later Hürrem discovers the secret and notifies İbrahim. İbrahim and Hatice decide that Nigar should be married to Rüstem.

Prince Mustafa sets out to Manisa where he serves as a Sancak Beyi. He falls in love with Helena, a farmer's daughter while in İstanbul his favorite Fatma carries his child. Against the will of his father and his mother Mustafa plans to marry Helena. On a secret meeting with İbrahim, the Grand Vizier manages to persuade the prince to send Helena away.

Firuze (played by Cansu Dere) a new girl in the Harem manages to become the first favorite of the Sultan after Hürrem. The whole Harem tries to save her from Hürrem's revenge. While trying to kill her on Hürrem's command, Rüstem finds out that the tattoo on her neck is connected to the Safavids. He notifies Hürrem, who informs Süleyman and the Sultan decides to send her away.

Fatma gives birth to a boy, Süleyman names the boy Süleyman as his name. Later, Prince Mustafa's boy becomes very sick and dies. Meanwhile they find out one of the prince's servants is pregnant. Fatma becomes very sad about that, subsequently she commits suicide.

Hürrem and İbrahim continue struggling against each other. Süleyman is getting suspicious about İbrahim.

Süleyman executes İbrahim and then sends the corpse to İbrahim's palace. Hatice becomes very sad about the death of her beloved and disowns her brother Süleyman. Together Hatice and Mahidevran plan on killing Hürrem by sending Diana, Mahidevran's servant, to murder Hürrem as a revenge, since they see Hürrem responsible for the execution of İbrahim. Şah decides to stand against Hürrem for her self-interests. Nasuh sends Esma, İbrahim's later daughter, to İbrahim's family as Nigar, her mother, is now married to Rüstem.

Mustafa has a daughter from his slave.

Diana didn't success by killing Hürrem and now Diana is serving Hürrem loyally. Şah makes Hürrem think that Mustafa is coming to usurp the throne from his father while Süleyman is on a campaign and that Süleyman and her sons are wounded and trapped. Hürrem decided to take her son Beyazit and Cihangir (whom stay in the Palace) away from Mustafa. But, Şah took Hürrem's sons to an old farm. Hürrem discovers this and get there personally to save her sons. But Şah was waiting for her there and told Hürrem that all of this was only a game. Hürrem decided to finished with Şah. Mihrimah is warned by her mother to trust anyone except her.

Hatice wants to finish with Hürrem because she's seeing Şah doing anything. Hatice sends someone to tell Hürrem that her daughter Mihrimah was in Mormor Palace but in reality, Mihrimah is still in the Palace. When Hürrem gets there, Hatice ordered a witch to put some black magic on Hürrem. Hürrem awake in her room and forgot everything. After sometimes, Hürrem discovers that she's being witched and she warned Hatice of not playing with her. Şah gets angry of Hatice of doing things behind her back. Şah has another plan to get rid of Hürrem. Hürrem speaks with a priest and she prays the Quran to feel well. Süleyman gets another time to a campaign and Beyazit stays in the Palace. Angry, Beyazit escaped the Palace and goes in the campaign without any one to know. But, Selim saw him and Beyazit returned to the Palace. Hürrem decided to rent money from Rakilah, a girl who rents money but, the money has been stolen by Şah. So, Hürrem was obliged to rent money from another one before the Harem's girls make problems. Rakilah took orders from Şah to says to Hürrem that Portia Hatun can perhaps help Hürrem. Portia is a Venetian woman and the Sultan was at war with Venice at that time. Hürrem took the money from Portia and then gives back the gold. The Sultan returned from the campaign and sets in Edirne. Şah took the papers of Hürrem and Portia's trait and gets to Edirne to explain everything to Süleyman. But, Hürrem sends guards to attack the cars of Şah. Şah gives them the fake papers and gives the real ones to Süleyman. Süleyman decides to exile Hürrem in Edirne and then he returnes to Topkapı Palace. Şah orderes Rüstem Pasha to kill Hürrem Sultan while she's in Edirne. But, he refused and decided to stays loyal to Hürrem. Rüstem decides that in marrying Mihrimah Sultan, his relation with Süleyman can get closer and he is going to enter the Diwan.

Hürrem accepted but Mihrimah refused when she saw her mother in Edirne. A Black Death epidemy breaks out and Mustafa Pasha and Ayas Pasha die from the epidemy. Then, Lütfi Pasha becomes Grand Vizier and Şah is now more powerful. A doctor saves Hürrem by telling the Sultan that the illness comes to Edirne. Hürrem returns in Topkapı. Süleyman decided to marry Hatice to Hüsrev Pasha. She is obliged to accept but she continues living in her old Palace. When Süleyman gets to know this, he sends Hatice to the palace of Hüsrev. Mihrimah accepts to marry Rüstem. Mustafa falls in disgrace from his father because he's doing things without telling his father.

Hatice, Lütfi and Şah have a plan to get rid of Rüstem so he can not marry Mihrimah. Mahidevran suggests not to kill Rüstem but creating rumors that Rustem is very sick. Süleyman is sending a doctor to confirm Rüstems sickness. The doctor finds a louse on Rüstems head and takes it to Istanbul as a sign that Rüstem is healthy. Rüstem is coming back to Istanbul to marry Mihrimah.

In 1541, Mihrimah gives birth to a girl named Ayşe. Şah sends to Mihrimah a girl to give the milk to Ayşe. Lütfi proposes to Süleyman to sending Mehmed, Selim and Beyazid as Sancak beys to Sancaks according to the traditions.

Nigar returns to Istanbul. She meets Şah and she wants to take revenge. Hatice and Şah accept.

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  1. fatmagul is best!

    1. i love hooram (mera sultan)

    2. Ishq e Memnu is Best...

    3. Mera sultan is the best

  2. fatmagul such emotional and triller drama of a girl who is raped and has to get her life back. i cried so much watching it and fell in love with karim character and fatmagul character! excellent drama. ithas no vulgarity and shoshaa, just a good story and good script and excellent execution by actors and director.
    had a memorable time watching it and will miss it when it ends :(
    my whole family watches and lovesthis drama and curses mukadis and mustafa lol

    1. Ishq e Memnu is most popular

    2. in pakistan maybe but worldwide fatmagul is more liked, plus its just the viewers opinion if they like it or not, please you donthave to be insecure over ishqememnu, frankly fatmagul had a better message you cant deny and on a personal note karim and fatmaguls love is very unique as it was impossible made possible, it was not based on lust but on understanding.
      fatmagul has very loyal fans dude. wish you saw original uncute version with english subtitles.

    3. u might be wrong or i guess you only have info about fatmagul. worldwide ishq e memnu is best n in Pak till now there is a huge rating for ishq.

    4. Yp i agree that fatmagul is more famous then ishq-e-mamnu even it was onair in USA,England,canada and france and engin akyurek won the "best actor represent turky in hollywood" award :) such a proud moment for turky,fatmagul team and for Engin akyurek

    5. yes fatmagul has a etter story, ishqememnu was first kind of turkey drama pakistani ever saw and it had glamour and makeup and dresses and foreighners talking in urdu who were muslims that attracted pakistanis but on a story wise level and acting wise fatmagul was best i cant forget kareem character and fatmagul so touching story and they acted so well even ardwan and mukadis and maryam apaa! miss them alot! i liked fatmagul more!

    6. No just mera sultan

  3. my grandparents and parents love fatmagul drama and now they want a kareem for me hahah :P

    1. yukee...a khusra...gud 4 u mayb

    2. tharki kivo fan sadaf jamal, get a life, larki ho kar larke se kyu jalti hoo hahah.wierdoooo

    3. lol how could you say if she is sadaf or even if the person is he or she commenting o.O

    4. because she got blocked by urdu1 page for her same comments hahaha :P
      even kivanc fans think she is a looooser :P

  4. i never found any turkish drama so real,em0tional and hearttouching except fatmagul,,kerim and fatmagul's lovestory is so real

    1. yukee...a khusra...gud 4 u mayb

    2. sadaf jamal keep ur mouth shit and dnt poke ur dirty nose into everyone's comment

    3. keep ur mouth shut* agr hm engin fans kisi ko jawab nhi dety iska ye mtlb nhi k tm log jo mrzi aye bolna shuru krdo bs ab tm logon ko pora pora jwb mily ga aur mis sadaf jamal tm jis celebrity ki fan ho na log to usy khusra khty hain Engin ko nhi lol

    4. leave her alone she is a wierdo, why should we fall so low, even the newspaper sabaht of turkey admired the pakistani fans of engin in turkey, of how loyal and cool we are and dont waste time on petty talk we should keep loving our Sultan Engin and ignore the haters, after all Enginstanis are admired for our genuine love yar, chill!

  5. I like fatmagul but I hate karim

  6. I hate azra akin kivanc tatlitug's wife!!!

    1. kivanc is not maried

  7. kuzey guney is the best show for me ,but ishq e memnu was the most popular among all

    1. true...KG is the best n also ishq e memnu,manahil n khalil n noor

  8. feriha is my fvrot show and then mera sultan ..

  9. feriha is best drama i hv ever seen

  10. i guess feriha will b on number 1 when season 2 will start

  11. feriha is simple best drama

  12. feriha is just aweasome...true love between femir will start in season 2 after emir knowing all about feriha <3

  13. mera sultan is the best drama seriel ,historical romance plus action adventure

  14. Fatmagul is famous worldwide. Ishq e memnu is famous in Pakistan bcuz it was the first Turkish drama dubbed into Urdu, but everybody has its own reason to like something so I'm not goin to say more but I like fatmagul more and I just love karim:-*

    1. yukee...a khusra...gud 4 u mayb

    2. sadaf jamal despo fan of kivanc yaha bhi agayee hahaha loser tharkee woman hahahaha :P

    3. even kivanc fans dont like sadaf jamal, she has no class.
      no offence but please dont judge kivanc fans by this extremist and looney sadaf jamal's comment, peace and no ill feelings for Engin, its a personal choice kivo rocks for me while karim rocks for you ! peace out!

  15. Fatmagul is best turkish show among all these dramas love berengin

  16. I love feriha drama and amir

  17. i lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee fariha drama very good story ummmmmaaaahhh best actor FARIHA nd AAMIR

  18. the only best drama in Pakistan is feriha

  19. i love hurrum (mera sultan) and fariha

  20. Fatmagul is at 1st place in my fav list of turk dramas then Mera sultan is best

    1. What are you saying ,you dont know anything.MERA SULTAN is the best drama specialy hurram sultan.Fatima gul is the most bad drama ive ever seen.

  21. fatmagul is best. nice story and the couple kerim and fatmagul is very decent and nice. ghareloo drama i liked very much !

  22. fatma gul is the best drama and had a good story.there was good lesson for our youth about drinking and ,having sick thought just for chill..... i hate hurram

  23. Feriha is the best drama and it should got highest rating

  24. i liked fatmagul alot, it is my favorite i liked the hero he is romantic and Beren is princess <3 i watched ishqemamnu as the dresses and fashion is good in the drama.but fatmagul story is better. im watching mera sultan thesedays but now its too long should end now. i will watch karadyi on urdu1 now :)

  25. feriha iz on numb 1........
    feriha iz best............

  26. I think junoon tere pyar ka is best turkish drama among all these

  27. fatmagul is best and hero Engin AKyurek is handsome romantic man i like alot <3

  28. Adini Feriha Koydum is the best love serie and Hazal Kaya is so pretty

  29. i think fatima gull ko no 1 par hona chea

    1. but she is not on no.1 but hurrem (mera sultan) is on no. 1 koi shak hai kia!

  30. fatmagul won best drama in arab world and kerim as best actor of turkey, 22 countries from arab world voted. im happy for that,
    fatmagul is my favorite and kerim fav actor and 2nd best is mera sultan and ibrahim pasha!

    1. you're just joking can check on internet.If you know that hurram is the best actoress and that ponda karim is just a jealos person.MERA SULTAN is the BEEEEEEEEEEEEST drama in turkey.youre just a big big big big lier.

  31. mera sultan, ishk e memnu,fatmagul,feriha,minahil nd khalil all are good bt ishki memnu nd mera sultan r superb

    1. Ishq e Memnu is the best ever drama..Behlul and Bihter is best ever couple..

    2. Mera sultan is the best drama of the whole worldwide and the best couple ever is of Hurrem and Sultan Suleiman

  32. Fariha is a Turkish online Drama. user can watch Fariha drama on urdu1 ... We hope u will enjoy this drama, Please give comment about drama. ... you all and best Hd links of this drama and complete parts, as part 1, part 2, ...

  33. fatma gulun sucu ne best drama of the world.plz watch fatmagul it is superb and romantic bcz of engin and beren .

  34. very nice if you want to see the latest dramas then visit and see all the dramas in high quality from watch all the new dramas in high quality from and free download..

  35. these all are just dramas with low ratings.the most highest ratings gone are to Mera sultan.

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  37. Best drama fariha. Hazal kaya is just gorgeous

  38. One of the best drama is mera sultan Awesome drama I love it soooo much ummmmmh and their characters
    acting is fantastic...

  39. Fatmagul is the best drama and kerim is a cute, perfect and lovely character in it ♥

  40. kidnly tell me the drama of turky in wich main hero is gohar and he is searching for his mother, the other role is dolgha how is a singer live with his mother how also a singer but i don't remember the name of drama any one know the name????

  41. Thanks dear for information!! I am looking for some interesting pulp fiction quotes. It does not matter old or new but they should be good and interesting. Can you suggest some quotes for me?

  42. Nice Post dear And Nice Site And Nice Drama
    Mohabbat (Turkish) Drama OST Title Songs Full Video & mp3

  43. ishq_mamnu was the best drama, i likes its last episode which made me cry.

  44. I like Mera Sultan so much.

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