ISLAMABAD: Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting on Tuesday recommended ban on telecasting of foreign content by foreign television channels including dramas with Urdu dubbing during 7 pm to 11 pm to save the local artists and drama industry.

Senate body also directed for rationalizing showing of foreign contents by 10% by local channels and make sure these 10% contents are shown within 24 hours and not during prime time alone.

Senate body met in the parliament house with Senator Kamil Ali Agha in the chair, while Senator Pervez Rasheed, Senator Zafar Ali Shah, Senator Saeed Ghani, Senator Dr Saeeda Iqbal, Senator Daud Khan Achakzai Advocate attended the meeting Renowned Senior Actor Qavi Khan, Samina Ahmed and Chairman Producers Association Rashid Khawaja were also present on the occasion.

Federal Minister for Information Kamar Zaman Kaira, Secretary Information Agha Nadeem, Chairman PEMRA Chaudhry Rasheed, Chairman PTV Yousuf Baig Mirza and other senior officials also attended the meeting.

Senator Rasheed argued that Urdu-One Channel was not as famous like CNN, BBC or HBO and why this has been allowed to show as much foreign contents with Urdu Dubbing.

However, federal minister for information suggested the committee that a joint meeting of National Assembly and Senate committee on Information and Broadcasting be convened so that joint recommendations be finalised and placed before the assembly for remedial measures.

Secretary information Agha Nadeem briefed the committee that two inquiries initiated by the ministry revealed that Dubai based Urdu-One Channel was allowed to air its programmes after meeting all the requirements of PEMRA.

However, Senior Actor Qavi Khan, Rashid Khawaja and Senior Drama Artist Samina Ahmed, while pleading their case before the committee, were of the view that although the Urdu-One Channel had been allowed to air its programmes in Pakistan, however, showing 90% foreign contents especially with Urdu dubbing was sheer violation of the PEMRA Act. They also contended that by showing foreign dramas with Urdu dubbing had destroyed local drama industry by 40% till date and remaining 60% industry would vanish if parliament and state institutions did not came for its rescue. They proposed complete ban on foreign dramas with Urdu dubbing on foreign channels as well as local channels.

Responding to these demands, federal minister for information recommended that a one each member from NA and Senate Committees on information, Secretary Information, Chairman PEMRA and a representative from drama industry be formed for reviewing the already completed inquiries in the matter of Urdu-One Channel. He also argued that foreign channels were showing not only the dramas but also showing news and current affairs programmes, documentaries and many interesting programmes and a blanket ban would hurt open policy of the government as well as relations with friendly countries. He suggested that let both the committees of the parliament recommend jointly the measures for redressal of the situation so that a comprehensive proposal is placed before the assembly for approval and amendments in the law.

Senator Dr Saeeda Iqbal said that only PTV was showing Pakistani dramas and all the foreign and local channels as violating the law by showing foreign dramas and impacting negatively the local industry.

Senator Zafar Ali Shah recommended that a ban on showing foreign dramas with Urdu dubbing be banned during prime time from 7 pm to 11 pm so that Pakistani dramas could get their due importance and viewership. Chairman Kamil Ali Agha and other members accepted this proposal and asked the ministry to implement this till the time the stakeholders find the solution to this situation.

Senior Actor Qavi Khan, Rashid Khawaja and Senior Drama Artist Samina Ahmed were not satisfied on the replies from the government side and said that local artists be given due protection and opportunity as they were not only taxpayers but production houses are also creating more job opportunities in the country.

Are you satisfied with this decision . Urdu1, trend setter, who gave you a golden chance to watch such magnificent dramas in your own language like ISHQ E MEMNU

& is planning more awful projects on viewers choice.Is this a justice with this channel ? if you agree on it then stay quiet & if you dont than raise your voice against this decision & prove youself as a loyal & sincere viewer.
If u seriously want these dramas to be played more & more in Pakistan then start commenting as much as you can & vote on the right side poll so that our leaders take notice over it & URDU1  continue dubbing these brilliant projects like
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  1. you can ban the indian shows but please dont ban turkish and croatian shows. we have a right to watch what we want and we want to watch them!
    this is wrong what the governement is doing!
    already we see so much robbery death murder rape and theft killing bombs and drones attacks in real life and news, we want to clear our head of all this crap and peacefully with a good mind relax infront of tv and watch a good entertaining show and even this right is being taken from us! unfair and unjust to us viewers. if the goverment is concerned over this cultural invasion then they should set up a new improved culture and tourism and media ministry that puts money in making good shows and spread our culture abroad aswell, just like it happens in india and turkey!!

  2. plz don't ban these dramas :( they are very good .. even i advice you to watch you will also love it

  3. Wahhh Wahhh India ke dramein dkhate hain to kch nai Ab Turkish dramien band kar rahe hain Ye bilkul ghalat hai ka as kam Indian dramon ke tarha chichorpan to nai hota na haqeeqat se qareeb hote hain stop Banding on Foreign Drama

  4. there is nothing wrong in their decision,if they would have shown so much foreign content in turkey,the government would have banned them.both indian and turkish dramas should be banned or be shown on weekends

  5. Pakistan is a rascist intolerant country! There i said it, prove me wrong, our insecurities as a nation make us do foolish things, on a larger scale to foreigners we are nothing but rascists at this point. Banning somthing we cant deal with as adults, first youtube, now foreign content, what is next? tax and ban on breathing? mind my spellings. you see my country's govt thought it was far more important to concentrate on issues regarding what time bihter should come on my tv than investing on my education! thankyou!

  6. wth! why to ban these dramas! first you all need to stop promoting Indian dramas full of cheapness and vulgarity ! destroying our religion ! but why Turk soaps ? they reflect our societies mishapst and are very realistic. pls its a request dont ban these dramas

  7. they must be banned!!! the only sensible decision of this government till now!!

  8. if they ban dubbed shows then why they are not anning english movie channels and indian channels and indian soaps and british soaps and american infleuence? pakistan is ruined by american and indian influences, turkish have same values as us!
    and promoting urdu language as shows are dubbed in urdu!
    government is only doing this because some actresses who warm thier beds are getting insecure coz of beren saat maryam uzerli and hazal kaya. thats it! indians hav long influenced our media and now tht theier shows are running out of popularity in pakiustan they are encouraging geo to do something about it as geo is indians spy agent channel! these are all underhanded games! the whole world watches these soaps but Pakistan is insecure as hell. with political, security and education problems inflicting the nation the govt has set these problems aside and concentrating on ridiculous issues, who gives a shit where our non existent media industry is going? we have cartoons and dramaybaaz marasi from pml-n to entertain us !

  9. what the hell.....these should not be banned...indian dramas should be is bad very bad to banned turkish dramas...

  10. turkish shows are not ruining our culture.behter did not make us nangaa!! our corrupt government officials and thier haramkhoori with our national treasure made us nangaa and bhooka, hence the govt should be banned why they make us nagna poonga, fatwa bhi jaari karoo govt peh!! :P

    1. hahaha agreed with you

  11. these dramas should be banned foolish people watched them full of vulgarity and cheepness. Indian dramas are not that bold like Turks. wise decision government

  12. urdu1 dramas are not vulgar, the urdu1 dramas they make sure are censored and not of vulgarity. geo kahani shows vulgar serials. we want to watch the shows if you dontlike it then switch off the channel, just coz you have problem doesnot mean others who want to watch should suffer, please get a life this isnot a madrassa,if you dont like to watch these then go get yourself qurantv and watch that okay. or bhajan tv since you like indian shows you must be seetageeta bhajan master.loool

  13. why dont they ban the indian dramas and channel first...

  14. plzzzz dnt ban turkish dramas we want to watch them.


  16. I totally agree with article written by Ayesha Ahmed I know this blog was written over a year or 2 ago.. Am from the uk born n breaded in the uk n i have to say Turkish drama s dubbed in Urdu are excellent really like them not saying Pakistani dramas are not they are just as good but it's common sense if u live in the west or east if u been brought up with good values tradition and morals how will u get influence for instance in the west there are Pakistani s and not to forget Muslims everywhere the one that's know there values and culture no matter what they watch they well not change or adapt coz that's how strong our religion is not culture which is what we've fabricated not what we have to follow or believe same with Turkish Muslims the one that have been taught their relgious and morals do not agree either and they are true Muslims but turkey is a secular country so therefore they can pick and choose basically.. As for the valgurity when Pakistani watch pirates movies of Bollywood or Hollywood what can the Pakistani government do can the force them or stop them no they can't so what's the point... In having debates over jealousy the fact is a fact the more u try n stop ppl from doing somthing the more they well do it and the more corrputions or valgurity well spread.. I totally agree about everything in this article we eat drink purchase everything foreign so why raise the issue of Turkish dramas now answer simply insecurity and feeling threatened not Pakistani ppl but Pakistani actors they are just thinking about themselves and their own careers that's all when they wanna act westernise they go parties clubs drink socialise with and adapt in every culture and people the Pakistani actresses only wear salwar kameez in dramas in real life they wear what they want what's more influential how are they good role models to the Pakistani educated youth I think ppl in Pakistani need to change and accept the truth stop causing unecessary issues where there are really issues no one bothers n sorts them out but too busy raising pathetic concerns I dnt support the Turkish content but sorry entertainment wise they are intresting and entertaining with unique story lines of western and eastern touch.


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