Awww :P

Kivo Love Stories are much complicated :P
First he love aunt in law in ISHQ E MEMNU
then he love Wife of another man in MANAHIL OR KHALIL
now again he is on screens with his love for sister in law in KUZEY GUNEY
but Engin this is not his fault na :P
Dil to bacha hai jee :D


  1. Aww kivo darling better u found ur 'own' women instead of that chachi,mami and bhabhi ;)

  2. hahaha it's only Kivo art that he can drive an girl crazy either his chachi or his bhabi or any girl :D Engin don't be jealous plz :D :D

  3. Engin always ends up marrying girls in dramas who dont like him and Kivo always flirts with his relatives wives hahah
    good one!
    real men only lovwe thier wives :P not others! Engin Akyurek rocks!

  4. engin ko zyada larkyan milti hi nhi :D kivo k to aagy pechy ghumti hain or ye kivo ki ghalti nhi k uska pyar usky rishtedar ka kch hota :P hehe

  5. Engin ko har larki milti hai but he likes challenge and turns his hater girls into lovers as well, cheap thori hai jo har koi gali koochay ki milaey toh setting karle, class ki baat hai,he likes to play the game fair, square and challenging :P

  6. haha lol wo to sab jante hain us se kitni larkyan pat'ti hain :p kivo k to aagy pechy ghumti hain hy jo itna pyara hamara kivo

  7. kivanc i love you

  8. Engin ki bohot deewani hain larkiyan, apki soch hai, he won most handsome turkish actor awards 6 times in a row and most eligible bachelor even. apki soch hai,
    aur jaha kivo ke aage poeechay larkiya ane ki baat hai toh waisey aagay peechay toh bhikaari bhi ghoomte hai, loool
    baat patane ki nae hai, awaara face ke peechay awwaara bhikaari hi ate hain :P

  9. hahahha kuch logon ko bura lag rha hai bhui pehly to ap is bat me fark karna sekho handsome face or awara face me kya fark hota gai phir bat karna or dusri bat k bikhari bhi usi k pechy aty hain jis k pas pesa ho na k ksi ghareeb k pas isi tarha larkyan bhi usi k pechy ati hain jo haseen ho na k aer ghery nathu kheron k pechy hahahaha ap upni hi bat me phas gyi

  10. kivooooooooo we love youuuuuuuuuu

  11. Ohh yar phr sy shuru ho gaey in dono k fans

  12. Engin i love you :* and kivo i like you plz dnt fight girlz mjhy dukh hota hai in k fans ko fight krta dekh kr

  13. Seni seviyorm engin bey

  14. hahaha yar here we are not fighting hum to bas tafri karty hain

  15. Engin Akyurek is from a very very rich and popular family his father is a usinessman and government official, Also he earns alot on his own aswell, he is not a bhikaari, please get your facts right.
    secondly in reality it does not matter to ENgin what people think about him and he is not crazy after fame, he has everything, god gifted and he only acts because its his hobby and he enjoys it really, plus he is so popular and number 1 in turkey that already ladies die after him he does not need to try even. can people please stop confusing him with Kareem the character from a tv series which is fictional? god please people get a life!
    Btw admin can you please update on the new projects Engin Akyurek will be doing? thanks.

  16. I am ENgin AKyurek fan and i dont like that admin keeps making memes that make kivo and engin fans fight.
    both are different, and whatever happens ENgin will always remain number 1 actor of turkey in its rankings just like shahrukhkhan is number1 actor of india, alot of competition comes but thier fans are very loyal to them and dont care about comparision, this is because they were unique and one of thier kind in the industry. why i gave example of sharukhkhan is becuase ENgin is as popular and loved in turkey as srk is in india and they both have crazed fans!
    no doubt kivo is big in pak and uae and i respect that but thee are also loyal fans of ENgin in pak, bgy putting them down you just make them start disliking kivo even though they dont dislike him to start with.
    please stop this comparison, im sure both kivo and engin fans are not insecure and dont like comparison, everyone has thier own choice and best is if you dont annoy the other by saying bad things about the others favorite actor! acha nahi lagta.
    and please dont make fun of thier faces both are extremely gorgeous men, infact those who are making fun of them both please post your pictures first we want to see whether ypour face is beautiful enough to have the right to call anyone ugly!

    1. I agree with you, engin's fans will love him no matter what, we dont need to show that.engin fans respect other actors as well. plzz dont fight guys it was just a joke :P


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