Kaan Taşaner

Kaan Taşaner (born 23 April 1979 ), the Turkish serials and theater actor.

Birth 23 April 1979 (34 Years)
Nationality Turkish
Occupation (s) Player
Origin Turkish
Effective years (1998-present)


 Konya is a graduate of Theatre Dept. S.Ü.Konservatuarı Taşaner Kaan, the first step in acting, theater, making a fantastic play from Kublai had at first light in the dark, and then took the stage in various plays until 2004, the role of television, the first Big Meeting 's starred in television series in the following years television and continuing my family with the theater in 2010, Kanal D starting at Fatmagül'ün Crime What? 's series, Erdogan acknowledged the role of tearing, and thus, the name was announced for the first time a continuous project. 2 Kanal D site in a poll conducted in 2012 Seçilmiştir.Şu Best Actor honor at the North South's TV series portrayed the role of the Commissioner.


1998 Kublai first light in the dark 
2000 How to Save Asiye
2001 Deli Dumrul
2003 Uncle Vanya
2004 Abstract Sultan
2005 Home Female Female Female
2006 Thaw
2009 Eros Hostel


2004 Big Meeting
2005 The Fifth Dimension Winner
2007 Right Halal Meat
2008 Their school was right Bard
2010 Crime Fatmagül'ün What? Erdogan tearing
2012 North South Commissioner Hall

Honours (Awards)  

 2012 Top Values TelevizyonDizisi.com Awards for best crime role in Fatmagul un sucune?


  1. His acting is awful love his acting

  2. the coolest and most lovable villian after mustafa bulut from Bir bulut olsam is erdogan from fatmagul! like him alot!

    1. mustafa bulut was an anti-hero, not really a villian. but yes i agree that he was very wicked :P and sexy :P

  3. mustufa bulut kon hai

    1. Mustufa Bulut is a character played by ENgin AKyurek(kareem of fatmagul) in his drama 'Bir Bulut olsam' and it was a very funny,wicked and sexyy character, he was not a villian but an anti-hero! like hero who is not poerfect has some flaws and naughtiness in it.
      the wroters tried making it negative but fans loved him alot and could not accept he was villian so they made him anti-hero in season 2! its a very hit character of ENgin Akyurek. On popular request from fans on MBC channel the show was redubbed from iraqi arabic to syrian dialect again so fans can watch again in UAE as they dont understand iraqi accent so well. (just like hindi would be redubbed into urdu, its similar but not the same)

  4. Its a negative character played by our beloved actor engin akyurek in his drama bir bulut olsam

  5. I hate kaan but anyways he did a good job as a villain in fatmagul.

  6. He is amazing !! Love at first site ...
    Anybody knowa where he lives ?
    Lots of kisses from croatia


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