Beren Kenan Happily Wedded !

Hey, Assallam-u-Aleikum and a very Eid Mubarak to all of you..

As we all know today was the wedding ceremony of Beren and Kenan and Al Hamdu Lillah it went well. KENAN DOĞULU AND BEREN SAAT ARE FINALLY MARRIED!!!

Yes yes yes it was like the world entered the House, celebrating and wishing them Happy Married Life. The famous actress Beren Saat and Kenan Doğulu's spectacular ceremony held in Los Angeles, USA at Santa Monica Beach, Pacific Ocean. The couple spent at least duration of 2.5 Years together and today on 29th July, 2014 , Tuesday, the couple has been tied in the knot of Wedding. Later on their wedding both were the center of attention of the whole gathering all the time. Beren was in full snowy white from head to toe, wearing white beautifully elegant gown, hat, necklace, and heels whilst Kenan was in White shirt with ice blue coat over it, blue decent bow and white shoes with narrow cut hairstyle. Excitement could be read from Kenan's eye, he was so happy with his beautiful bride. Beren was looking like a white angel, simple yet pretty, She has wore wedding gowns many times in reel life but real life gown fits the best on her and Kenan was looking like the real dashing man. Both had their photography on the wedding table.The couple's families and friends, mainly Belçim, Kivanc Tatlitug, Hilal Salem, Ece Yörenç and a large number of famous names attended the occasion and greet them with blessings. Belçim Bilgin and Cihan Okan was the copule's wedding witnesses. They will celebrate their second wedding at Aya Nikola Otel in Büyükada.

Couple with their wedding witnesses !

Beren Saat with Kenan Doğulu, according to the Turkish tradition ' in Los Angeles ' celebrates her marriage henna on 27th July,2014. Both Beren and Kenan pay their time at the cost of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica before their henna night. Guests receive a red ring on henna night in accordance with Turkish tradition and similarly on their wedding they distribute shades among all the guests.

The wedding music for cutting the cake was "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE - Beatles....". Both Beren Saat & Kenan Dogulu uploaded the pictures on Instagram with caption : "All we need is Love". Here is the link >> Beren Saat's Instagram Click that got 45.8K favorites just in 3 days & Kenan Dogulu's Instagram Click that got 28.4K respectively. so The click was also shared on Beren's official facebook pages and got 181.5K likes in just 2 days.

The couple didn't allow the guests to make pictures and had two sessions of photography on beach by Amy and Stuwart and all the pictures were given to the media.

The couple will be spending their honeymoon trip over their for some days and then they'll come back to Turkey as Kenan has concerts starting from 22nd of August.  Join Beren Saat - Pak Fans for pictorial update. You can get more pictures here >> Beren Saat Wedding Pics.

Some beautiful Wedding cards to share with your friends..

Wish them all the best of best in their married life. May their life prosper always. Best wishes from all Pakistani fans..