Beren Saat is in Relationship with....?

Kenan Dogulu, Turkish singer proposed Beren Saat (Well known as Bihter & Fatmagul in Pakistan) using his Twitter account :)

He tweets for Beren and say I LOVE YOU to her and also send her pictures of their wedding ring (So sweet)
Later on both of them come in a relationship (long term or we can say life time relationship)

Further moving , after Beren's drama "Fatmagul" their were rumors that Beren has broken up with Kenan Dogulu and now she is in relationship with Engin Akyurek (her co-star in the same drama) but .....!

Beren Saat denies her relationship with Engin Akyurek (another famous actor of Turkey).

Turkish actress Beren Saat puts an end to rumors regarding her relationship with her co-star Engin Akyürek, known as Karim in the series "Fatmagul'un suçu ne?", or "Fatima" as known in the Arab world.
Beren attended the wedding of comedian Jim Yilmaz, with  her boyfriend, Turkish singer, Kenan Doğulu, to confirm that they are still in a relationship.

In starting couple was known to be very private when it came to their relationship, but for past few months Beren and Kenan have been going out in public more and more, holding hands and accepting interviews.

However , The couple has denied that they will get married anytime soon, they explained that they are still too young to tie the knot.
Rumor that Beren and her family invited Kenan and his family for dinner but his family refused and did not attend, but Kenan's mother and brothers denied this rumor later on, and explained that they have nothing against Beren and Kenan getting married!


  1. Pretty lady but in k couple per fit hai ye kahawat k oor k pehlu me langoor :P

  2. my kind advice for my sweet bero "plz leave kenen and paird wid engin" u both made a wonderful cpl

  3. i hate kenan but dil ay gadhy pe to para bhi kya cheez hai ;)

  4. plzzzzz hang out with kivanc bero

  5. bero ur and engin's couple r out of this world plz marry with him

  6. beren i knw to love sm1 is involuntary action but seriously kivo is ur only best match

  7. beren saat ny apny har costar k sath dating ki hai bt thanks god kivanc ny isy lft nhe karai kivanc is looking best wid his girlfriend azra ok not with this woman huh

    1. Beren saat never dated any of her co star before kenan she was in a relationship with please stop judging people

  8. BernEngin made awesome couple. i wish it had worked out with engin and they never broke up. but goodluck to beren with kenan hope she is happy. but i still think Beren and ENgin make the most beautiful couple. great chemistry!!

  9. Beren saat never dated any of her co star those were all rumours.before kenan beren was in a relation with please stop judging people

  10. Beren saat is very beautiful..kenan n beren beautiful couple.

  11. Beren saat is very beautiful..kenan n beren beautiful couple.


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