Assalamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Today is last jummah of this Ramadan (most probably) so here i am posting about ibadat we can perform today and they are as follows:

Ibadat to be carried out on the last Friday/Jumma tul mubarak of Ramadan.

*After Zuhar prayers read two nawafil , in the first Rakat after surah fateha recite surah zalzaal once, surah ikhlas 10 times, in the second rakat after surah fateha read surah kafiroon 3 times and then after salaam recite Darood shareef 10 times.

*Read 2 further Nawafils first rakat after surah fateha read surah takasar once then read surah ikhlas 10 times, in the second rakat after surah fateha read Ayat ul qursi 3 times and surah ikhlas 25 times after salaam read Darood Shareef 10 times.

The benefit of the above nawafils are the reciter will get continued rewards till Qiyamaah In shaa Allah.

Last Jummah of Ramadan DEAR ALLAH....

Please Give us a chance to see next Ramadan.
Please Give Long & Healthy life to our parents.
Please Give Jannah to those Muslims who are not in this World
Please Forgive our sins.
Please Give Health to sick people.
Please send Good Proposals for our sisters & Daughter.
Please Bring Peace in Muslim Countries.
Please Give Freedom to those Muslim who are struggling for it.
Please Bring Happiness in Every Muslim's Life.
Please Bring back to those who are missing.
Please ALLAH make us Good Muslim.
Please ALLAH Help Muslim against their Enemies.
Please Give us Haya.
Please Make our Future Good.
Please ALLAH Don't leave us alone.
Please Give the Good Life Partner to the boys & Girls.
Please Give us a chance to do Umrah and Hajj.
Please Help the poor.
Please Give us a power to help poor.
Please Give Me a strength to do Good Acts
Please Fulfill our legal desires
Please Save us From Fire of Hell.
Please Give us Place in jannah after Death

Please remember me in your prayers too :)
JazakAllah  :)