14 August ; Pakistan's Independence Day

14th August, a very familiar date to all Pakistanis. Yes, it is our Independence Day. This day is celebrated each year to pay tribute to all our ancestors who fought bravely for our independence. This day promotes patriotism, love for one's country and national unity. 

Individuals all over Pakistan observe Independence day with great devotion and zest. Many people who go to the Independence day parades dress up in green and white, the Pakistani flag’s colors; Where White represents peace while Green symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. Individuals visit national landmarks and places of national significance to observe Independence Day. This is additionally an opportunity to meet relatives, trade blessings and visit recreational spots.

Pakistan’s national flag is hoisted on public, private buildings, residences and monuments at dawn, basically everywhere. Official buildings are embellished and brightly lit. The prime minister and president address and congratulate the nation and talk about the day’s significance. Streets, shops, parks and houses , everywhere in Pakistan, are decorated with candles, oil lamps and pennants.  Firecracker shows are assembled on every independence eve.

Pakistan's Independence Day additionally pays praise to individuals who dedicated their lives for Pakistan's freedom movement and made sacrifices to accomplish Pakistan's freedom. Guards changing function takes place at national monuments, including the tombs of Muhammad Iqbal, Known as Allama Iqbal; Poet of East and beloved Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan,  Quaid-i-Azam,
Events held during the day include special theater shows, national song competitions, concerts, and Independence Day pageants. Radio and television stations broadcast national songs and specially prepared Independence Day programs.



The Indo-Pak subcontinent remained a British state from 1849–1947. The subcontinent's tenants did not affirm of the British control in united India. An uprising that happened in 1857 in the end formed the state of a freedom movement, which represents the endeavors of the general population of British India in gaining their freedom.
Muslims governed the subcontinent before the British attack and suffered because of the 1857 uprising against the British East India Company. Pioneers, for example, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Syed Ameer Ali worked steadily for the Muslim individuals' political advancement.

The Indian National Congress was founded on 1885, that later on became British India’s largest political party. Major Muslim political leaders, including Muhammad Ali Jinnah, were its members and worked towards Hindu-Muslim unity and India’s independence.
The All India Muslim League was formed in December 30, 1906 in result of growing demands for a free Muslim state. In 1930 Mr Iqbal gave the idea of a separate Muslim country that would geographically consist of the Muslim majority areas in the subcontinent and Mr Choudhary Rahmat Ali named the state Pakistan. The word Pakistan is a conjunction of two words Pak meaning Pure and Stan meaning Land. (Writing this gave me goosebumps)

Strong Hindu nationalism brought forth the Two Nation Theory, a belief system that is certify as the reason for Pakistan's creation. In 1940 the Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore demanding more noteworthy Muslim self-governance in British India.

After World War II, it was expected that the British colonies would soon disintegrate. The Pakistan Movement, spearheaded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, resulted in creating a separate Muslim state, Pakistan. Pakistan gained independence from the British rule on August 14, 1947. (Alhamdu lillah..)

As we have get this country after all these great sacrifices and hardwork now it is our duty to work for it's peace, prosperity, success and harmony. Let's not take this amazing homeland of ours for granted. Let's be united and devote our lives for the betterment of the future of our beloved country.


Pakistan Independence Day
 May Allah bless our country with peace and prosperity & save it from terror. Long Live Pakistan !!


  1. happy 66th birthday to my homeland khuda pakistan ko qayamat tk salamat rakhy ameeeeeeeen

    1. ameen God Bless Pakistan


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