Kivanc Tatlitug tweets against his death rumor

Kivanc Tatlitug Will Sue The Ones Behind His Death Rumours Before Kuzey Guney, i must add back in the end of 2011, A news sudden hit the listeners about the death of Kivanc Tatlitug (Commonly known as Behlul) for which the actor tweets and denied this news and confirm his existence.

This really saddens the actor , he was deeply aggravated of the rumors of his murder, where he said that this is the third time that he hears the news of his own death, this time stabbed in the back by anonymous murderers.He added that this rumor has been haunting him ever since he announced his will to marry his fiancé Azra Akin, ex-miss universe.

Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, who faced the rumor last year, tweeted about the rumor that spread yesterday about his death: "They killed me again, dishonored and careless people. They laugh and joke about my death, they really lack honor and clear conscious! This is the unfortunate fact about social network channels. May God revenge from them."

He tweets saying that he was shocked to hear this rumor once again, especially that it is stemming from the Middle East and not from Turkey, where the local media hurries every time to check on him and to prove the rumors wrong. The Turkish star assured as well that whoever is making these rumors should be interrogated and punished.

In related news, this death rumor has caused turbulence among his fans in the Middle East. Some contacted the Turkish embassy in Cairo, where everyone assured their surprise to this news, saying that he is apparently more famous in the Middle East more than he is in Turkey but the thing to thank is he is alive Alhamdulillah ! May Almighty Allah bless him with long prosperous life :') Ameen...


  1. Oh my goodness :/ are they mad :@ shit people how they dare to say all that

  2. these ppl r such a retard :/ lov u kivo may u lv long

  3. may God curse ur enemies .... long live kivo we love u n pray 4 ur l0ng life

  4. Oh my made my heart stopped.may you live long kivance

    1. Oh my god I love kivanc man fuck these haters and idiot they will burn in hell

  5. It Was A Touching News It Hearts Hearing This Kind Of Shit News Anyways I'm Glade And Fell So Alive Again To Hear That He Is Alive


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