Beren Saat (Benim Dunyam) Interview

Here I am sharing you guys with Beren Saat's interview about her blockbuster movie Benim Dunyam.

“A person feels very special on the big screen

The movie “Benim Dunyam” featuring Beren Saat as a deaf, mute, blind girl has been released. Beren Saat : “Since I was a child, I dreamed of seeing myself on the big screen. But the balance has changed in the recent times in our country. Television work allows us to reach a bigger and more varied audience. But still, cinema holds a special place. A person feels very special when seeing himself on the big screen”

Beren Saat is one of the most important TV star of the new generation of Turkey. But she didn’t get lots of opportunities to go on the big screen, however this time she has broken the unfortunate fate with Ugur Yucel’s Benim Dunyam. Beren with her touching performance, gave Ela’s character what it deserves or we can say more than it.
Following is her interview translated in English:

Q:Did you know Ugur Yucel previsouly?

No, we met in this movie. Erol Avci told me he wanted me for his movie and we met the 3 of us together. We met, he told me the story, I hadn’t watched “Black”. I bought the movie and I went home to watch it. At first, I got afraid of many things. Everything seemed grotesque, they had made a lot of choices leading into that direction and I couldn’t see myself inside such a thing. It seemed very box-office oriented, one of those cinema movies that exploited the feelings. At the same time, the role seemed so difficult and it also scared me somehow. That's when it is important to be in good hands. As time passed, and as we talked, Ugur Yucel’s presence changed everything.

Q:How did you learn to combine being both deaf and blind?

We had teachers. In Six Dots Foundation’s School I learned how to use a cane, use a typewriter, read the time, and learn the system of the visually impaired people. On one hand, teacher Mahir and Ela have to walk often side by side at school. So we learned how a blind person walks accompanied by another person, and how we should hold each other. That’s when you realize how much their life is difficult. While walking and hanging to each other, we used to fall. On another hand, Ercument Tanriverdi, the president of the federation of the deaf people, was always with us. He taught us the sounds that I should be doing, how to interpret the language and the emotional changes, the principles of the language .. Now we are able to construct our own sentences by ourselves, we are able to interpret and comment. 

Q:Have you tried closing your eyes and your ears, and staying in the dark in a complete silence while working for this role?

Yes we tried. Ugur gave me this “homework” to do. He said “Last night, I tried something, in order to know how it feels, you must try it yourself”. So one night, I closed my eyes and my ears. What happens is that you get lost even in a place you are familiar with.

Q:How do you feel about the relationship between Ela and her teacher Mahir ?

It was inevitable for the girl falling in love with her teacher, was it? Since the beginning, even if this scene didn’t exist, there would still have been a love relationship. This great love was bound to grow along with admiration. The master-apprentice love, the teacher’s love.. but also as she was growing, she discovered the love of a man. I was mostly touched by this sentence “give me my dignity as a woman…”. Because it is totally true. Being loved, being kissed at least once in a lifetime, is a very important woman's feeling, and it gives her “credibility” as a woman. I enjoyed acting it, and I enjoyed watching it… and I felt very sad again while watching it. 

Q:Did you also give the man his rights?

Yes I did. I gave him a totally deserved kiss.

Q:This kissing scene made the headlines after the premiere. Even in our times, a cinema kiss still makes people talk. How do you find that?

I’m fed up from this silliness. Sometimes it is a necessity especially in love stories. For example during Ask-I memnu, the kisses used to create a big polemic because it was a forbidden love. But such things happening for this movie is very strange. 

Q:There was even a news saying that Kenan Dogulu left the set the day this kiss was filmed…Is that possible my dear?

Kenan is not the type to go to sets as a start. He just attended the last couple of days, and watched a couple scenes of mine. That’s when he came to the island. He doesn't even come to sets so that he would stop a kissing scene. They didn’t write that he stopped it. They wrote that he left the island.It’s very weird. And it’s very frustrating.. as if we were constantly getting on the top of each other. We lived so many years without each other. Each one of us already had his own career, and we respect it to the very end. Such a thing never happened and never will. 

Q:Does he say “this kind of scenes make me jealous?”

No he wouldn’t. One time he told me with insistence: “Beren, play the scenes however your instincts tell you to, and however the director decides to”. He would never say something like “I am jealous”.

Q:What do you do when you read such articles?

Now we make fun of it. In the beginning it was upsetting, then it reached such a comic point that now we make fun of it. When our news are on the TV magazine programs, we have fun doing voice-over on it.

Q:You played in several popular series with very short breaks in between. Did you decide to focus more on cinema now ?

Yes. Since I was a child, I dreamed of seeing myself on the big screen. Television work allows us to reach a bigger and more varied audience than our cinema. Our series are shown in more than 30 countries, and I have pictures with people from so many countries, I can’t deny the power of our series. But still, cinema holds a special place. A person feels very special when seeing himself on the big screen

Q:If I’m not wrong, you learned Karate for Intikam series.

Yes I learned how to fight pretty well.

Q:Do you love martial arts?

Yes, I enjoy them very much. Look what happened. After a few classes, the idea of beating someone seemed very bad to me. I took off my gloves, I went home and my hands were shaking. Hurting someone was a bad idea for me. After that, I started to understand little by little what it really is, the concentration level it required. My teacher told me anyway “your stares, your facial expressions changed. While acting, use them” . Now if you ask me, I would be able to hurt someone in order to protect myself. 

Q:In the movie, Literature holds a special place for Ela. How is it with your writing? Do you write things? 

I write. Mainly diaries. For a few years I did it on my own rhythm. Sometimes they turn into poetry. These diaries' contents are like small samples of what is happening inside me. I actually want to keep them as a record of my life. I always write.

Q:Do you let anyone read them?

Rarely. Generally Belçim (Bilgin) reads. In my most scary and insecure periods, she was the first person I read them to. Now, Kenan also reads sometimes. When I find the courage, I let him read. 

Q:Doesn’t Kenan have the intention to compose poetry?

I do not know, it isn't something directly related to me, but sometimes while he is writing lyrics, I stick my nose and interfere in the writing. I find it fun. 

Q:Do you sing along together?

Yes. A musician and an actress together is a good combination, it never happened to me before. Each one shares with the other information from his field. While we’re together we learn things from each other. 

Q:Do you always like each other’s work or do you make criticism for each other?

No, we make the harshest criticism to each other in a gentle way. Even though a little silence happens after it, we know that it is a friendly and well-deserved criticism. Because we are not rough to each other, and because we know that it’s a really friendly criticism, we do not get broken.

Q:You reached the end of your 20s. Did you perspective of love change?

Definitely. But I guess I cannot measure this change separately from Kenan now. The impact he had on me is interesting. Because he is very romantic and calm and has a different perspective, he might have brought this comfort into me. Or it might be both at the same time. I cannot totally make the distinction. 

Are you romantic?

Yes. After Kenan I understood a few things. Fighting certain things in vain would only make me suffer. It just happens like that, a matching happens with someone. As I said, something was there; I think I found my answer.




  1. She is such an amazing person and a very good actress. Love each n every word of her in the interview. Love how she understand Kenan and give him his position the way he deserves. Love her spirit to work and her dedication. I am your extremely biggest fan Beren. I love you and adore you very much.

  2. Beautiful Beren. Love all the interview. Beren you rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. God bless you always


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