Benim Dunyam (My World) Released :)

An awesome movie on a life of a blind and deaf girl, her efforts to do something, to make her identity in the world being has been released yesterday on 25th of October,2013. A kind-hearted man who guides her the way to live her life, help her to explore what is new & to motivate her for the best & not to lose her hopes. Really a must watch. I hope that our any channel will also dub it so that we can enjoy watching this master piece however i will surely watch it in Turkish version too...

  Inspiring drama 'Benim Dünyam - My World' chronicles the challenging journey of a passionate tutor and his disabled student (Beren Saat) as together, they try to overcome the obstacles she faces.

Ela has been blind and deaf since she was a baby and she struggles to communicate with others. That is, until tutor Mahir Hoca rises to the challenge, determined to show Ela that she can be independent and make the most of her life despite her disabilities.

 'Benim Dünyam - My World' is directed by and stars Ugur Yücel.

Beren said in Milliyet magazine interview:
" Since childhood, I dreamed of the movie screen . But the balance has changed in our country recently . Problem to hit a wider audience in the cinema television work is now done . However, the location of the cinema much else. People feel very special when you see yourself on the screen... "

 Now it's a big time for our lady queen to hit cinema screens too & mark her success on this very difficult project. My all best wishes are with my best actress. May Almighty bless her with more & more success.