Happy Birthday Engin Akyurek :)

Today is 32nd Birthday of our most favorite actor Engin Akyurek.. Wish him billions of joys, pleasure and success in his life with all he want. May his every wish comes true & Almighty blesses him with every good. Here i am sharing you with post cards & birthday wishes of his Pakistani fans that is representing their never ending Love for him. Wishing to see him on our TV screens again with some new project till then we are missing you die heartedly...


Mahnoor Aziz has Send her wishes that : i " wish you a very Happy Birthday dear Engin Akyurek.. may Allah give you a long life with success and happiness.. Enginistanis (engin fans from Pakistan) loves you so much.. Have a very happy day.. Love you.."

By Maha Iqbal Wali:
She has made a beautiful Vimeo of Engin's best emotions. Every thing in the video is beautifully presented. I my self love the video & hope you will love it too.

 Click to watch here video 






By Engin Akyurek Fans Pakistan:

 This page has also made a vimeo for Engin as a gift on his birthday. The great fan page , very loyal & sincere to it's celebrity with awesome social networking too.. God bless them !

Click here to watch video


By Turk Celebrities- Pakistani Lovers:

By Fatmagul Akhir Mera Kasoor Kiya:

This page is related to Engin's drama Fatmagul un sucune ? This page has wish their Kareem who they adore alot & want a Kareem to be exist in real life too.

By Turkish Dramas : Pakistani Lovers :

 By Urdu1:

This page is related to the trendsetter channel who just initiate the trend to dub Turkish dramas & enable us to know about these wonderful people :)

Yes it's the sweet heart's birthday , comment to wish him!

By Natalia Hashem:

 She has wished Engin in a very unique way with a beautiful poem full of emotions & loyalty for the person, this poem really drive me emotional come sentimental :D

 "Of a different world,
 of a land far faraway
 yet somehow someway like a sunshine ray
 you touch lives so closely 
and I wonder how ‘this’ you do
 Of the whole world only you
 Like a sweet dream mixed with delusion so hard and so soft,
 part magic part hypnotic illusion,
 So very unreal and yet somehow real I think it a toxic confusion.
 And yet somehow someway you move into hearts so easily,
 I wonder how ‘this’ you do.
 Though maybe unreal, I still believe you.
 And if you ever said, 
you were the “King” of the world 
‘That’ I would believe too.
 And if I told you, 
of the beauty of your eyes… 
you would laugh it off,
 that’s who you are. 
You would believe not that your eyes truly are, 
the Creator’s finest art, 
and I would let ‘them’, steal away my heart,
 if you wanted to play a Thief, or maybe a fraud.
 Because there’s something, something in your eyes, 
something you wish to hide,
 perhaps your secrets,
 perhaps your deepest thoughts.
 You’d always be, the hypnotic, the magic,
 and I’d be, the hypnotized in fever
. You’ll be the dream and me, the dreamer….. 
And no matter what’s written for future I wish, 
I wish this magic, would forever remain, 
No matter how vein Year out and year in I wish You’d forever,
 be the perfect magician…. 
or be forever, an angel fallen from heaven,
 but I just cant help wishing, 
that this dream would never end. 
You, of the whole world only you, 
long live ENGIN AKYÜREK 
You can lighten up a room with just your smile. 
I'm glad to have known you HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Engin Akyurek you are really a charm in Turkish Film & drama industry, the most talented & versatile with millions of expressions & a smile that can miss heart beat of billions of girls. Only your appearance can made that charisma that's importance no one can deny. Your eyes says everything of your unsay words, your emotions, your feelings, your style, your smile can drive any one crazy.. You are really a king of expressions. We love you a lot & wish you the best of your birthday You're a gift to the world. How's that for a reverse birthday wish? We Love you a lot & will love you forever.. May Almighty bless you with every success.


  1. Happy bityhday dear Engin akyurek I'm happy to see ur birthday celebrated globally pakistani fans wishes u A very happy birthday God bless u and give more and more sucess ameen

  2. Sweat Turkish Delight Engin Akyurek HAPPY BIRTHDAY I'm sending you three wishes for you on your birthday. First, I wish that this Birthday teaches you something new and beautiful. Second, I wish that you have a day that you'll remember forever with a smile. And third, I wish that such days keep coming in every single day and I'll always pray for your success in every aspect of life

  3. Admin cards ki pictures nazar nahi arahi..kyu?! Please fix it!! Its showing error!

    1. aa to rhi hn nazar ap ka net slow hoga :Pmujhy nazar arhi han qk

    2. Nope its not showing.they were showing before but after admin put link of videos the pictures dissapeared it has been 4 hours or more now. Some fans from other countries have same complain. Its not net problem pls fix settings.thanks.

    3. Sorry for the mishap ! now i have fixed it . . Thanks to report :)

    4. ok thanx nw we cn see

  4. Happy Birthday Engin Akyurek. May your eyes always remain smily and you have all the best luck and success this year and beyond!! Ameen!! MUTLU YILLAR!! You are addiction for Enginstanis so please do come back soon :-)

  5. Iyi dogun Enginim
    May you always shine like a star and get more success!! Inshallah! Giving you lots of love!
    Your Enginstani fans miss you alot!

  6. Pakistani and Enginstanis Wishes Engin Bey a very happy birthday from the core of their hearts seni seviyorm Engin Bey

  7. Admin please check settings of your blig.non of the pictures are visible. Its nit net problem because all fans have same complain that pictures are not visible and we are discussing this in our group and so far 6 people hav same complain!!

  8. Cant see the cards. What is this yaaar. Fix it please.

  9. Happy birthday engin! Pakistan loves u misses u alot. C u soon

  10. Iy ki dogun Engin Bey pakistanis love u

  11. I still cant see the cards please tellme how you can see? My internet is fine

    1. but all the cards are viewing here yar tum dubara dekho pehle mery pas bhi nhi arhy thy ub arhe hn

  12. ENGIN FANS ARE ALWAYS TRENDSETTERS :) awesome idea to make videos and cards to wish thier favorite celebrity.! happy belated birthday Engin Akyurek :)


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