Gecenin kanatlari:"Wings of night" : Inteha

Gecenin Kanatlari is Beren Saat's first break in film industry, that earns her more fame and love by her viewers & admirers. This movie is now very soon will hit on your TV screens as URDU1 has baught it & is now dubbing this movie to increase it's TRP with name INTEHA (Will Love Cross It's Limits). (This must be a step to compete Geo Kahani's play Intikam which is also very famous now a days & people are more likely to watch it then Feriha & Kuzey Guney being played on Urdu1.. I must compliment Urdu1 for such an intelligent decision..)
Story's main character is Beren Saat (Gece), a young girl who after loosing her parents during a police raid in the early age, vows to be suicide bomber, but on the other hand she also falls in love.


  • Yavuz Bingöl
  • Beren Saat
  • Erkan Petekkaya
  • Arif Erkin
  • Murat Ünalmış
I must say it would be a worth watching movie with thrilling & full of suspence story, amazing cast & awesomely dubbed by Urdu1. I am dying to watch this masterpiece ! Aren't you ? isn't it a nice step of Urdu1 (a trendsetter) to start dubbing films as well ? Leave your comments below in the comment box :)

Coming to your TV screens on 1st day of Eid at night on 10:00 PM :) Don't forget to watch !

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  1. Wow bohat maza ayega dekhny me mujhy is movie ka bohat intezar tha mene iska turkish version dekha hy per Urdu1 pe dekhny ka upna h maza hai :D

  2. LOVE THI MOVIE Allah kar k yeh dobara repeat ho!!!


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