Happy Mother's Day

Hey you all!!
Wish your mums for the best of their life, health & happiness, as it's Mother's day today. However it's your mother day every day, but the day is actually celebrated worldwide today on 11th of May every year, 2 days before my Mother's Birthday (May ALLAH SWT give her long life filled with happiness & sound health.. Ameen). Today is the big day for every mama to tribute them for their endless efforts they put on their children to grow them a dignified person.

As Robert Browning said:

Motherhood: All love begins & ends there.

She has always suffered a lot for us from our very beginning.
When we were in her womb, she carried us with care & dedication, she walks slowly & carefully then. Eat healthy diet & avoid junks for our health, our security..
Then when she gives us birth, the pain, the very pain she bears but happily.
The very first gentle kiss of her on our forehead, her soft tears & the polite whisper can never be really defined..
When she feeds us , the milk of her blood, when she smiles listening to our very first talk, when she ran so fast on our every cry, when she feels proud to watch us crawling, then trying to stand up with some support then walking, when we fell down her speed to catch us , to save us from harm, when we clear our exams with good marks, the happiness on her face, the success in her expressions, her prayers for our good every time in every situation, her proud when we passed our matriculation with good grades & then in every next step , how she scolds us with worry finding us in some self made difficulties & how she scolds us with her naughty gestures..
Her every tear, every smile, word , expression are priceless & the most honorable , the most respectable, the most lovable..
Islam regards Mothers a very uniquely dignified position by laying paradise in her feet for her children, by comparing God's love to mother's love..

Holy Prophet said:

Heaven lieth at the feet of mothers. 

May Allah bless my mom with long living  good, health , happiness in this life & the highest position in the Paradise in the another one.

Give your mothers the best of your respect & love, meant them always, put them always at first place, never argue to them, never sounds harsh to them even when they are wrong.