Kenan Dogulu gifts a piece of Scotland to Beren on her 28th Birthday

Hey people!

Here i have a great news to share with you.
Our pretty princess Beren Saat now owned a piece of land in Scotland.
Yeah you read it right! Actually I am sharing it too late by the time but too soon just after knowing it.
Turkish pop singer Kenan Dogulu surprised his lovely fiancée, beautiful Turkish actress Beren Saat, by gifting her a large piece of land in Scotland, Kincavel worth 243 thousand Turkish liras. Beren, who was then turning 28 became a Lady according to Scottish landownership rules with Kenan's special gift.

This is the second gift presented from Kenan after a special song that he wrote and sang to her expressing his sincere love. The couple will be marrying soon by now. Lets wait for the day to come when our pretty Ms will finally become Mrs.