Nijaat Episode 7

is a dubbed version of a famous Turkish play Bir Bulut Oslam being aired on Urdu1 from today , every Tuesday at 9:00 PM.
This is the story of Mustafa (Engin Akyürek) and Noreen (Melisa Sözen), who are first cousins, bonded together in marriage in childhood according to traditional and religious laws. Noreen is underage hence according to Turkish law they are not recognized as husband and wife officially, much to the dismay of Mustafa who refuses to accept this fact. Mustafa tortures his wife for not returning back his love, trying her with a chain to himself every night incase she does not run away. Dr Serdar (Engin Altan Duzyatan) and his family meanwhile move to Guzelyurt and somehow get involved in Mustafa and narin's marriage. The actions of Dr.Serdar's family start to seperate Noreen from Mustafa, giving Narin freedom from Mustafa, but Mustafa as a result clings even tighter to Noreen and gradually delves deeper into his madness, losing all sense of reality, living in a warped world where he is Noreen's and Noreen is his, forever and for eternity.

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