Oyku Karayel Interview in Vogue Magazine

Oyku with her twin sis
Here i am sharing Oyku interview with you people that she gives to Vogue Magazine in the starting of the year in January,2013. I hope you people like reading it & enjoy it ! & here is a mind blasting news that Oyku has a twin sister! She said her sis get much trouble by Oyku fans as they didn't recognize the difference & if she try to explain them, they deny the truth.

Young actress Oyku Karayel doesn't usually like to give interviews but after discussions , she finally agreed to be interviewd by Berkun Oya. They went into a quiet room where Berkun pressed the record button to let the questions & answers be recorded. 

Berkun - Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. 
Oyku - I am actually quite excited.  
Berkun - Excited really? that's nice to hear. 
Oyku - I absolutely am. 
Berkun - Me to, if we start staring at each other we could start to make stupid faces. 
Oyku - Maybe, let's see what happens. 

Berkun - I'll tell you what is really going to be happen, all the other reporters are going to get jealous that we got to interview you & will be fighting over the pictures we have taken of you. 
Oyku - I don't think so.  
Berkun - What's up?  
Oyku - I swear these days I'm a bit boring. All I do is work. I don't have the energy for anything else. Berkun - Are you tired?  
Oyku - Yes. I have never worked this much before so I get tired. 
 Berkun - It's good to be working. Its nice to have a occupation..  
Oyku - Yes & its nice going at certain tempo but I have to think what if the work dry's up, the serial finishes etc..  
Berkun - The serial, Kuzey Guney is going well isn’t it?  
Oyku - Yes very well, I'm very happy  
Berkun - It's an adaption from a Stephen Hawkin novel is that correct?  
Oyku - It could be inspired by that novel.  
Berkun - How is your theater work going? Has the play started yet? You have problems in it don't you? Oyku - Yes I have an addiction problem in it  
Berkun - I saw the preparation for it. You done really well.  
Oyku - I was very scared. The last two days at home in my head I was nervous & stressed out  
Berkun - That's strange, watching you it seemed to come naturally from you. Hopefully beautiful things will continue for you in the new year. 
Oyku - beautiful things will continue next year?, hopefully.  
Berkun - So how is your mum?  
Oyku – She’s OK! thanks Berkun.  
Berkun - And your sister, how is she?
Oyku sis
Oyku - My twin sister is fine. (whoa!! she has a twin sis) How is yours? 
Berkun - We've made up now. You know what its like to be a twin.  
Oyku - It can be a difficult thing. Because of the profession I have chosen to be in I see the result of it when I see my sister getting bothered when people think it's me.  
Berkun - I guess she must get trouble on the street's!  
Oyku - yes she does, but they don't believe her when she tries to tell them that its not me. She tells them "I am not her" but they don't believe her.  
Berkun - I get the same thing. The paparazzi think I'm Bono which I agree I do look like him but they don't believe me when i say I am not him. 
Oyku - I am not the type of person to speak to much people or the press.  
Berkun - I am not usually like that either but sometimes I have to say something otherwise they'll make up there own story.  
Oyku - I don't really sympathize with the reporters because they can be like wolfs attacking. 
Berkun - It's like all of them are out to get revenge. I do not answer questions so most of the time I let me write what there going to write. 
Oyku - It's frightening when they expose so much of our information. It show's they are doing the job very well but it's scary.  
Berkun - Are you watching the Arka Sokaklar repeats?  
Oyku - What do you think of Muhtesem Yuzyil (Mera Sultan)  
Berkun - It's good. Okan is very good in it  
Oyku - Is he going to stay in it?  
Berkun - Who Okan? Yes ! I've found the perfect question for you, what are you reading at the moment Oyku? (oyku means read) 
Oyku - Nothing at the moment. By the time I get home I just watch television. 
Berkun - What do you mostly watch on television? 
Oyku - I watch mainly the talk shows, David Letterman, Conan etc.  
Berkun - Do you like the work that you are doing? 
Oyku - Of course I love the work I'm doing but it's not really "normal" work.  
Berkun - Yes I understand  
Oyku - Of course I love what I do but when I was a child at school I haven't thought i would be doing what i am doing today otherwise I would have been more excited.  
Berkun - When you are not on the set, filming! what do you get up to? 
Oyku - If I am on set then I'll sleep very late, around 3-4 in the morning but if I'm not filming then I like to spend as much time as I can at home & cooking.  
Berkun - You do make bread? 
Oyku - Yes & most of the time I make it well  
Berkun - OK well you make some rice to go with it & i'll bring something to. Oyku - OK i'll make salmon Berkun - You can put lemon on it or whatever you like 
Oyku - I love cooking & watching cookery show's  
Berkun - Me to, I like Nigella 
Oyku - Aahh Nigella, Jamie Olive  
Berkun - I'm not to keen on Jamie anymore 
Oyku  - But he is well established in the United Kingdom is'nt he?  
Berkun - I like Mark Bitmann, his not bad. Eric Ripert's OK. He got restaurant in France& New York. He is very good.  
Oyku - What's that all about? His food visually doesn't appeal to me.
 Berkun - Well both! he as a person & his food, I think both are great. What do you think is your best cooking dish? Oyku - I make rice very well, I just go at it head on no measuring etc. 
 Berkun - Do you use bouillon in it? Oyku – Yes  

& here the interview comes to it's end.

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